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I Spent 1000 Hours Playing this Anime Card Game

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This video is sponsored by Shadowverse! Check out the game here –
Seriously though, please play the game. I need more friends who I can rant to about the pain of playing against the current Item Shop Rune.

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  1. Ngl, I just started playing Shadowverse a few days ago after watching Garnt win the Shadowverse tournament against Faye mata, Kiara and Mori Calliope.

  2. never leave a competitive mobile game for more than 2 banners unless your returning and planning to at least dolphin on an anniversary

  3. Sees title: Do you realize how little that narrows it down

  4. I'm not going to play this game BUT this video was fucking hilarious, really loved it. Everything you said was so real and I could apply it all to my 10 years of League of Legends, happy to say I've quit that game. Also congratulations on winning the tournament you participated in my dude!

  5. 'Screw the rules I have dragon oricale!' Isnt that a reference to the yugioh abridged series

  6. I though this was a Princess Connect video but I was wrong

  7. I can't 🤣🤣 The emote part is fricking true. I rage quit many times because of that. And Kel is also goddamn annoying when the deck strength is having followers on field (yeah I talk bout sword) being reset.

    ps: I didn't know you play so much Shadowverse to the point you already reach GM until recently. This deserve a sub

  8. When I played forest craft, it was either sending fairies to die by the millions or

    Whirlwind rhinoceroach. Yea. It's so uninteractive it's borderline toxic.

  9. The thing that drew you in lol. True though.

  10. I got frustrated and my brain hurt trying to understand everything…

  11. yare yare daze

    but i'm already playing in 4 gacha games, so it's enough for me to waste most of my free time

    если добавить к этому списку еще хоть одну, – например, Taimanin-hentai-sh!t(Lilith), Tokyo Necro(Nitro+) или Shadowverse(CyGames), то вероятно придется уволиться с работы и заколотить входную дверь

  12. why was 言って playing in the background. I heart

  13. 1.50%?? for legendary wut. i just open 2 at a time and got 1-4 legendary every pack

  14. Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos says:

    fuck, fuck, I'm going to have to play this english dubbed for the cat

  15. It is a good tcg… I recently started playing it

  16. The game was good up until the expansion where they introduced the battle pass along with a "new" card mechanic which is actually the exact same as an older one but with a different name except that there's a stronger version of said mechanic, haven't played it since…. Shame really, I actually enjoyed the game A LOT before that absolute disaster of an expansion!

  17. If there is not a card called "Spell boosted bondokers" that prevents the oponnent from attacking on thier next turn in a future exspanssion imma be dissopointed

  18. But Ani-mayhem is one of the best & original anime card games

  19. uhhhh…. I just started playing this, and I went into the arena, and the dude I got matched up with was completing every single one of his turns within like 10 seconds.

    how the hell? I didn't even have enough time to think about what I should do, yet this dude was throwing down cards like he was on crack. I can understand maybe if you knew your deck, but you chose random cards… how tf are you playing that quickly

  20. This really reminded me of Darkmane's hearthstone video. Same energy at least. I enjoyed every second of it.

  21. I didn’t know you still made videos first time watching you since podtaku broke up. Even if this vid is old, glad to see it, also haven’t played for a long time the only story went up to arisa finally finding her friend.

  22. 1:00 I didn't laugh that hard for a long time, thank you for that.

  23. Just picked up the switch version haven’t been able to put it down

  24. I haven’t laughed so hard at a video in such a long time instant subscribe

  25. "Do you know how difficult it is to complete your daily missions doing private matches when you have zero friends?"

    I felt that.

  26. "Fuck the rules, i have dragon oracle"


  27. "Fuck the rules, i have dragon oracle"


  28. Sometimes I rewatch this video to remember when I didn’t know about shadowverse. Well here’s to more years of being addicted to a anime card game!

  29. Mm i think I play a demo of anodes shadow derse game I think is fine dut the grama is stuptly hard

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