I Tried Buying Pokémon Cards in Japan but Then This Happened!😱 #shorts - finalbosscardgame.com

I Tried Buying Pokémon Cards in Japan but Then This Happened!😱 #shorts

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  1. I hope you have good luck on that booster box

  2. Totally wouldn’t mind paddle boating around in a Lapras boat

  3. 呢个体工商户申请材料和

  4. Japan is my favorite place to go to and if I go there, I hope I can get good cards

  5. Wow you guys are very very lucky, its extremely hard to get top tier prizes

  6. I have that braxien but not the Japanese one

  7. doesn’t he know that holos are guaranteed?

    are they guaranteed in Japan?

  8. can you go to stores or such in akihabara and buy these boxes straight up? or is it the same processes in these smaller stores?

  9. Hey I was just wondering if you could do a giveaway for booster packs, but if you don’t want to no worries, have a good rest of your day ❤

  10. That's hella cool that there are Pokémon cards which you can only win! 🙂 Quality time with the family🎉

  11. Which part of Japan is this Pokémon Center at?

  12. I went in may but the tour guide said that we need to go back to the hotel by 1.30 but it was at 5.30!

  13. I have one of those cluancher in English how much does it cost

  14. Bro goes a length to have kids as an excuse to go to japan and buying pokemon cards for the "kids".

  15. Pokemon here ooops forgot the Pokemon cards are sold out sorry 😞😐😅

  16. Where is this claw machine? I am going to Japan in July and can you tell us where the location of this?

  17. I pulled that braxin in English last Saturday

  18. Everyone in the world should use this method

  19. wow very cool video! i want to play it now!!!

  20. Love seeing your cute family adventures ❤️❤️

  21. When you lose you get plushies?? Damn I’d rather buy it for all those plushies

  22. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan partly because of the cards but mostly for the entertainment and delicious food hope you have a great time there!

  23. Omg I'm so jealous but I'll never be able to go there

  24. It's rough atmo. Apparently age restricted at PC

  25. And for a such a “just OK” set too… LMAO

  26. I love how they don't just let you buy them. They're like "No! Have fun first!"

  27. Anyone know which Pokémon center this is???

  28. Too bad you can’t buy them at the moment if you’re an adult or unless you go into a military base.

  29. It's in the Japanese language. Is it worth the same as an English one?

  30. i still got the pokémon go packs, like hey it’s japanese packs

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