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I will make you hate this card 😈

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  1. I crashed an mtg arena match by turning vesuvian duplimancies into creatures and spamming those

  2. Annointed Procession and Pull from Eternity + her -3 would make a hilarous combo. You could get SO many copies on the field.

  3. Invoke Despair is like 60% of the Mythic meta and shits all over this 7 mana hand sitter

  4. K, how does this interact with the Luxor blade equipped to kaya? Like if you were to make kaya exile itself

  5. Make her a creature and exile herself to make her a 1/1 creature

  6. that cost… might as well be 20 white 20 black cost and it'll make no difference lmao

  7. Why does this say draw 2 and not be esper
    Gonna play this for sure
    Been missing some koma style card

  8. Versatility, along with a – ability that's able to be cast twice. Does cost 7, but good finisher in an Esper deck I'd say

    *I did not see the Hexproof, that's too much, since the -3 gives some protection already lol

  9. you remember when planeswalkers had to build up counters to ult well not anymore just flicker this and congrats you win

  10. Idk man, seeing a lot of mono blue. How does one get this card to resolve?

  11. So many good walkers and no sweepers that can hit them all. Add proliferate and we may have a superfriends Meta.

  12. Very strong card.
    They really wanted it to be black and white

  13. Damn , might have to find room for a planeswalker in my invoke justice deck( arena) .

  14. seems really good and tuned for commander, not much to look at in terms of any other format(too big of a cost for no significant immidiate effect)

  15. finally i can put helm of the host on prismatic bridge!

  16. Duuuuuuurrrrrr. i wILL mAKe yOu hATe tHiS cArD. Duurrrrrrrrrr

  17. Seems pretty powerful if it can hit the board, but it needs to get there first. 7 mana might be a bit much to ask, unless you can find a way to discard and return it. Slap this down, exile the big threat, then make one of your own and get its ETB effect, seems like a good way to stabilise.

  18. She is a strong planeswalker, I'm just having trouble deducing how well she'd be in the current Meta or even the meta we have coming with All will be one because she costs 7 mana to be played. Then again.. Professor Onix didn't look that playable in that meta and look how she turned out so..

  19. The artist made her look like a dude. Definitely doesn't look like Kaya. Powerful card and the hexproof is so cherry.

  20. 7 mana who cares, the plus on this card going to win games by itself

  21. Since it can target tokens with the -3 it's infinite etb with felidar guardian

  22. I will love this card. When I have it on the field.

  23. Invoke despair will make you hate this card, calling it now

  24. How has no one made a video about how it goes infinite with Luxior

    Equipment and Kaya win the game on the spot

  25. Any creative ideas to actually get it in the board? The cast cost is steep.

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