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I’m so lucky 😅

Anna Cramling
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  1. Anna point you are too gorgeous and irresistible for people to focus on chess when they are in front of you.
    P.s. marry me

  2. Why would he resign? I really want to ask him. He probably thought after the queen trade, he’s losing the knight but his pawn will end up attacking her knight after the exchange. Weird. I guess you have tunnel vision when you are playing in a tourney.

  3. Nothing of this is a product that helps an economy!!

  4. He was probably too nervous around her, he looked like he was shaking.

  5. For those who don't understand why he should have played Qe6…

    Me, too.

  6. Playing against Anna can scramble anyone’s brain.

  7. I wouldn’t resign just to keep seeing Anna

  8. Pia: The position is easy to play for black than white…

    10 seconds later,

    Black resigns 😂

  9. He was distracted by her beauty, I would do the same 😅

  10. Now you know how much power could a woman has

  11. The music is so on-point😅😅….anyone knows which piece this is?
    Edit: I know I have made a similiar comment on GothamChess's channel but seriously, anyone knows the name of this piece?!

  12. I dont see anything better than e6 but its still a bad trade for black since in the end you would be down a piece for a pawn.
    Qe6, QxQe6, PxQe6, BxNe4
    Now if i am missing something obvious please enlighten me.
    EDIT: ok so i just realised after BxNe4 you play PxNf5 which would equalize the amount of pieces per player and you would still be a pawn up i gues.

  13. when i was around 700-900 elo i would do this alot n get so pissef when i would check the engine after the game lol. i didnt realize players at the higher levels would do this as well

  14. Anna is such a good sport by showing him the move.

  15. He resign because the real Queen actually infront of him. 😊

  16. Honestly it was a bit hard to see why you don't just lose the knight at the end of that exchange.

  17. Oh, that's got to be rough. You resign, and then your opponent is like, "um, okay, btw, check this out…"

  18. That head in the hands moment at the end lmao

  19. "The early stages of romantic love result in reduced activity in brain regions associated with fear as well as cortical regions related to critical judgment."

  20. She staring at him calm
    Down it’s chess 😂😂😂😂

  21. Her video isn't about chess but about how cool she is. Really disgusting content

  22. Your mom is great haha. How am I just finding this?

  23. Omg the glassess make her even more cute

  24. What a gem! Anna and her Grand Master Family! 🎉😊

  25. I've been down to a king and pawn, facing half an army, and not resigned lol

  26. He resigned because Anna did the Pragnananda Sip-of-Water deadly move, which in normal circumstances means you are clearly winning. ISWYDT

  27. Where can I watch these reactionvideo’s?

  28. Sometimes you can feel an urge to resign to soon almost like an aversion to getting your whooped so as soon as you think you're gonna lose you have to urge to end it as fast as possible but it never hurts to keep going until you're sure. I think being able to regulate your emotions is an underrated skill in chess

  29. He probably panicked and that’s why he blanked out. I don’t blame him. I would feel the same way front her. She’s strangely beautiful.

  30. I never resin I go all the way to the end

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