Indian card Game "Dukdi" in hindi for 2(two) player |The Games Unboxing -

Indian card Game “Dukdi” in hindi for 2(two) player |The Games Unboxing

The Games Unboxing
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The Games Unboxing presents Indian card Game “Dukdi” in hindi for 2(two) player. This video also contains “How to play dukdi best indian card game rules for two players in hindi. we can play with family members at your home and know about two player card game rules. This card game also known as two. #StayHome and play indoor game #WithMe.#StayHome and play card game #WithMe


  1. Bhai yaar aage k rules , pure rules samjhao …. Baki game is nice

  2. Tumhari lang hi nhi smj ayi jaise hath bnana pta ni kya 🤔🤔🙄🙄

  3. Yeh bhut ghatiya game hai mere chote Bhai ne mujhe ullu bna diya🤬

  4. Ooh ish channel ko delete kar de ya video mane 10 baar dekhi kahi kahi par miss hai tere bas ki baat ni hai

  5. Whoever has commented ki samajh aa gya were either experienced card players themselves or his own friends or acquaintanceHe didn't explain it better at all

  6. મને સમજાણું નહી

  7. Sir A pr A chal diya too kiska bnega

  8. You have explained this game very well. I play this game everyday with my mother and we enjoy it very much.

  9. You are really doing a. Great job sir….really loved your way of explaining…..❤❤❤❤ nd i ll KEEP WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS

  10. Thanks bhai…aapki vajase aaj past laut aaya

  11. Ek baat tau batao agr card vapas uss player ko haath dene padenge?

  12. Interesting game thanks for sharing,
    Please make video on whist game rules

  13. Very very bad video I can't understand anything

  14. Sir jo 4 lok ese game ko khel te ha…aur os game ko kya kahte haa

  15. Kuch samajh he nahi aaya ye hath hota kya hai

  16. Mereko literally kuch samajh ni ayaaaaa😑😑

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