Indian Card Game | Judgement | Kachuful | Estimation -

Indian Card Game | Judgement | Kachuful | Estimation

Indian Card Games
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Very detailed video on how to play judgement


  1. Hukkam kaise nikala woh nahi samjha

  2. Thanks Ma'am. Can you also make video on Chinese Thorr or just thorr card game.

  3. Explained very well. Please upload more…

  4. Amazing new game ! Please keep it up new game

  5. Ek game hai mam hope aap jante ho jisme 4th player hote hai only 2-2 partners hote hai us par video laye plz

  6. What is the use of sequence of club hearts diamond and spade as in the video player initiated the chance with spade and u gave the hand to player one I guess….plz explain

  7. Agar plyer bole mere zero honge or uske zero hi hand usko 10 point milega ???

  8. Excellent card game full of strategy and fun. Well explained. You can play this game online at online with your friends and family and its absolutely free.

  9. 7:20 the 4 of flower was played by player 4th and the 4 of diamond was played by player 1st

  10. You explain very well. How to play 304? Please next video on this game.

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