Inscryption Trailer | Devolver Digital E3 2021 -

Inscryption Trailer | Devolver Digital E3 2021

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From the creator of Pony Island comes an interesting card-based adventure, Inscryption. You’ll traverse through a creepy locked cabin, where you’re forced into playing a card game with a horrific mosnter. Inscryption is set to release sometime in 2021.


  1. Esse jogo Γ© uma verdadeira obra prima

  2. this game is the child of HAND OF FATE. FINE that's ok by me

  3. This. Game. Is. Fricking. Amazing! buy it now

  4. Im a little late to this game but wow did not this game was gonna be like this. Caught me by surprise so much. such a hidden gem. Loved it very much

  5. The biggest flaw in this game is that it ends

  6. Am I playing stanley parable or undertale? This style is kind of out of my expectation, weird to see those might be reference in this game

  7. Look great… BUT, there are a lot of spoilers in trailer. lucky, i'm not see this before playing

  8. I have to force myself to stop playing it, very addictive

  9. intresting to know there where originally water towers on the map

  10. Just finished the Let's Play from markiplier… And HOLY HELL this game is crazy, i never thought id see the day where I'm actually serious about buying a game after watching a Let's Play!

  11. Inizia in un modo, poi ha la metamorfosi. Interessante.

  12. Very weird and interesting. The pixel style logo and that quick scenes got me hooked. This game has something in it that they dont want to show in this trailer i think
    "play along for now" 0:30
    this is coming from the creator of pony island after all

  13. Looks absolutely fantastic. It has this effortless, ominous, wacky yet scary mood, like it will be a real trip that will fuck with your brain nicely.

  14. This is a REALLY good trailer, no matter, u just sold me this game.

  15. _π’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺ__π’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺπ’ͺ_ says:

    looks sick

  16. Platforms?? Every trailer needs to list platforms at the end… or at least show a suggestion like "PC and current gen consoles"
    Regardless, put this on the Switch.

  17. Card game + escape room + creepy opponent with a chance at ending your life = Best Horror Game of All Time

  18. Only a handful of comments? This trailer looks great, I’m very interested.

  19. My wallet is a little thin to be buying games right now… but sacrifices must be made.

  20. cant wait for a youtube title like "can you beat inscryption but sacrificing mustn't be made?"

  21. Why'd you put your logo and a thumbnail to another video a full 20 seconds before the trailer was done…

  22. Praying for a console release, this looks dope AF

  23. "from the creator of pony island" isn't exactly a selling point…

  24. Man I forgot this trailer came out. Imma def buy this game. Looks so cool. Been hearing good things from Nextlander about it

  25. ЀараликсСй says:

    good game well played

  26. I dont like card games that awesome, and I loved this game

  27. My sister loves deckbuilders, hates horror, and has (probably) not kept up with games media to be aware of this one…
    This'll make a nice birthday gift, I think…

  28. 0:36 wow they just showed the code to us in the trailer "273"

  29. Absolutely love the style, hope the gameplay/story is just as great!

  30. I really hope this game gets a VR mode if it does not already have one. It would be so immersive to feel like you’re really in the room

  31. "From the creator of Pony Island"
    this makes so much sense now

  32. READ BEFORE BUYING! This trailer is a fraud!!! 90% of what is shown in this trailer is the AMAZING portion of this game, but the amazing portion lasts only 3 hours!! After that your playing a nintendo pokemon game! Never in my life have I been so dissapointed in a game like this before, it starts amazing, absolutely brilliant but very soon turns into a dollar store game that is not really worth anything. Shame on developers, for this is a trickery.

  33. This game is PHENOMENAL up until you start "New Game" and it loses it's wonderfully unnerving atmosphere entirely, and completely changes the way the game is played..

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