INSIDE The Pokemon Card Factory (2022) -

INSIDE The Pokemon Card Factory (2022)

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Today we go on a tour of the Pokemon Card Factory! This shows how a Pokemon Card Booster Box is made from when the idea is from to when the booster box is packed and sold on store shelves.

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  1. I actually made Documentary about how Pokémon was written in assembly

  2. magnifying glass to make sure each card is off centered

  3. Friedrich Wilhelm Wolfgang Von Kleist says:

    And that is why we can not get a psa 10

  4. Why does he talk like a bad TTS program?

  5. Imagine now if they actually putting that much effort into Pokemon games as they does with the cards…. They aren't using even 25% of Switch's power. It's pretty strange since Pokemon is the BIGGEST media franchise ever by huge margin, yet can't making a good looking Pokemon game despite the company is bathing in a never ending stream of moneys.

  6. Where do I see the real video without this clown commentating

  7. When you thought you where about to watch a cool documentary but instead it's a guy watching and reactions to a cool documentary 👎👎👎

  8. mannn idk if this is one way. but i literally just left a pokémon printing company named millennium print group or graphic visual solutions & we ran all our cards thru Kimori Printers repetitive work but it was pretty cool. got to see the scarlet & violent boosters before they actually dropped.

  9. my brians got blowned watchijng this vibeo

  10. Bro I thought I was coming to watch u in the factory

  11. นิติพงศ์ ยศปิยะเสถียร says:

    ขอกล่องนึง give me

  12. This is where the Fusion Strike heist took place!

  13. i see similar view every day in my work but we dont print cards only every other paper products books, boxes etc

  14. That was so cool to see the process! And PLEASE don't cut that old sheet!
    That's soooo cool as it is!

  15. Me during the cutting part: "So this is where they fail…" 💀

  16. I just got a new strange dream. And that is to work as an artist for the cards themselves. They are so high quality and I would just love to make unique art for each individual card.

  17. Came to see the pikemon factory not listen to you every 2 seconds

  18. This video basically tells you that those 'rares' aren't really that rare.

  19. Just…wow….and here I was complaining about them being more expensive each month… jesus…

  20. So how many prints of the scarlet & violet are in distribution?

  21. Is there a link to the original video with no one talking over it.

  22. Should edit this video and release one that doesnt have you talking every f second. F-

  23. Dang I was hoping you went in person but still cool!

  24. Great video Ando mad happy to have seen that, brought me back to my teens

  25. I love cards but dayum… think about how many trees died so u could get your foiled pikachu card.

  26. he said that we are going to watch it again then he said this is a live reaction at 0:44

  27. This is a huge business. Hard to start, hard to be stopped.

  28. I wish this was made before Magic The Gathering cards.

    Released in early 80s in USA. Imagine watching Pokemon shows and playing card games and Pokemon Red and Blue.

  29. People in Pakistan and India would have watched this show in early 90s . Probably would have been released in Cartoon Network

  30. watched for reference
    yeah i don't think ima get the one of one ring.

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