Juan Soto's clutch hit in the 8th lifts Nationals | NL Wild Card Highlights | MLB Postseason - finalbosscardgame.com

Juan Soto’s clutch hit in the 8th lifts Nationals | NL Wild Card Highlights | MLB Postseason

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Three runs scored on Juan Soto’s go-ahead single in the 8th to lead the Nationals to a Wild Card win over the Brewers

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  1. Here again after the Nats won the WS

  2. As a brewers fan we shouldeve never brought hader in

    One more thing f the nats

  3. That brewers announcer tho 🤢🥴🤢😂🤣😂

  4. Freaking Awesome that they went on to beat the Houston Cheaters

  5. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the Brewers blew a 3-1 lead

  6. There was a level of joy in this game way beyond anything the caps could ever pull off. The crowd reaction to Soto took me back to the fumble recovery for a touchdown at rfk in the we want Dallas game in the nfc championship of 82. If the concourse could shake, it would have. These Nats having the fans throwing beer and popcorn they paid $20 for out of joy felt like watching the joe Gibbs redskins beating Dallas.

  7. So Eric Thames scores the Brewers final run of 2019 against the Nats and now…he’s a Nat🤯

  8. the LA chargers have more fans then the brewers

  9. That was still a foul ball, not a hit by pitch

  10. As an Astros fan, I gotta give the Nationals what a team they had. Got rid of Harper and ended up winning the WS! That’s impressive. I didn’t expect them to make it THAT far, especially against my team, but what an impressive feat by this team!

  11. Greatest calls of Ernie Johnson's career

    1. Greg Gibson, the home plate umpire
    2. 5:35

  12. 6:38 thats the most over dramatic announcer in sports history

  13. 5:35 in life sometimes you’re either the bat or the ball. It’s about damn time we were the bat.

  14. Zimmerman's pinch-hit gets lost in this crazy game. 2-outs and he's coming off the bench to pinch-hit against a hard throwing reliever. Most fans, me included thought this could've been his last game as a Nat. He's still clutch!

  15. Quite possibly the happiest day of my life 😝⚾️

  16. 5:35 When you had a strong feeling the Nats were going places in the post season. And they did

  17. Even if Grisham gets the ball, it’s a tie game. Andrew Stevenson pinch ran for Zimmerman, and Stevenson does nothing but run fast

  18. this nationals team is one of the most resilient teams in sports history

  19. On September 10th, 2019, Christian Yelich fractured his kneecap, causing the Washington Nationals to win the World Series

  20. Juan soto's didnt even do anything. Trent Grisham just had an error. It's his fault

  21. Came here after the A's won the wild card division. I wish COVID wasn't a thing. Oakland fans would be going nuts.

  22. Nationals don’t need Bryce. Soto is the already the next big thing.

  23. Vamonos coño su gesto con la boca un dominicano sabe de lo que hablo

  24. LMAO Soto was celebrating as he was in the pickle lol.

  25. 2021 and I still get anxiety and chill bumps watching this what a great game.

  26. Nats should never have won this game at all. They might’ve been the better team technically but I was thinking the brewers would win by 3 or 2 but then that error by Grisham was the reason they were able to get so far and win it all. People say that’s all skill but it’s not. It was all luck

  27. I went to that game and it was insane

  28. I feel so bad for Grisham and fan bases whose teams have never won a World Series. The Nate got lucky that’s fax

  29. That hit by Soto was one of the most consequential in MLB history. It was the big hit the Nationals could never get in the postseason for so many years. Changed the franchise from a perennial playoff choker to a World Series champion.

  30. Ball hit the bat first. Brewers won that game

  31. What a great win as the Nats finally won a playoff series. In 2021, it seems like it was 20 years ago.

  32. Till this day i still think about what would have happened if yelli wasn’t hurt

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