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Kalashnikov the card game

Life of Boris
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Go to 01:19 to start of game.
This is the long-waited and much requested card game called Kalashnikov. You can play this with any deck of 52, but a Deck of Slav is much preferred. You can get the cards at
The rules are very easy to follow. Essentially the two players are digging through a pile of garbage to assemble the AK. First one to assemble, gets points. Best played with comrades at party while squatting. Semechki optional.

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  1. i have no idea about nor will i ever play this slav card game i am learning about. But im still entertained enough by the content to watch the whole thing and then some to write this comment.

  2. "What is this, the stock market?"
    – much appreciated joke.

  3. Brandon Herrera plays this game all the time, but he uses real Kalashnikovs.

  4. What if the cards in the shelves ran out? Do i have to mix the discarded cards and shuffle them to do it again?

  5. You use AK-47 if you are a conscripted peasant , you use AK-103 if you are cool Spetznutz 😎

  6. I've been learning how to use the "LWJGL" latelly (which is basically a glorified OpenGL wrapper library for Java), and I wan't a challenge (That I will probably fail lmao) to test if I learnt, of If this is as bad of an Idea as it seems.

  7. Do you have to yell "Kalashnikov Cyka" or can you just yell "Kalashnikov"?

  8. Can we get Kalashnikov setting in Microsoft Solitaire Collection?


  10. I got very bored at work I asked my prisoner if they want to try this game with me…. we both leaned, night saved, 12 hours went by fast then after coming home, sleeping, eating and getting my life of boris daily fix I asked my brother if he wants to learn… now we play when we get the chance… life is good

  11. a whole year later and for some reason i thought the cards were still in weslav

  12. Watching this again since it originally premiered, and really wanted to buy the deck of cards from weslav but they're not on the store anymore. any chance they will come back?

  13. Eh, a bit too luck based for me, not enough real interaction

  14. Why is Kalashnikov not in the store anymore????

  15. I think we need a specialised deck, with Ms, Ss, Us, and all the other fun things including specialised scrap cards. You make any kalashnikov but each one has certain perks, I.E AK-107 has higher accuracy.

  16. Blyat, I did not unterstand, what is when both players have a ak and one of both attacks, what is then?

  17. Did you find my comment? No? Keep looking. Let's make this comment the most liked on Boris' Channel.

  18. Can i buy this? I not See this in the shop

  19. I got the accuracy and damage system but how can I explain to foolish Vadim?

  20. He already has 7, he just needs 6, 2, 3 and 9 and he's won!

  21. The mind games you can do with that shelf mechanic

  22. Blin Kalashinkov isn't in weslav store

  23. So is this a custom deck with more aces in it? Does anyone know the ratios of cards??

  24. Girl: Come over im alone.
    Me: Sorry i cant im on a vacation in the other part of the world
    Girl:I got Kalashnikov the card game
    Me: knocking on her door

  25. Hi Boris

    1. Salut!
    2. We bastardized your game to include some additional rules. Number one, 2 jokers is a Nuke. A Joker must be shuffled into the draw pile if discarded, not put on the shelf. If a player gets two Jokers, they may set of a nuke for the point value of the golden kalashnikov.
    3. Also it's a drinking game. We have your smol-boris card deck , and the blank card now says "shotgun". If a player draws this card, all other players must take a shot.
    4. This is an awesome game, thanks for making it so we can bastardize it!
    5. We made this game under the supervision of the "Patron Saint of Vodka" Poster!

  26. Any chances to get this card pack back in store @Life of Boris?

  27. Anatoli: Because I never had one.

    Boris: Cooking babushka blinchiki to get money for Anatoli

  28. I play this game with my cousin and he pulls the real thing because I won too many rounds…

  29. Boris, could you show us a tutorial of how to play Durak/Дурак? I had never heard of it before your Slav Snacks video, and I'd like to learn!

  30. Where to buy the cards?! Need them!

  31. so if you are using the dice method to determine damage, how does the golden kalashnikov attack? is it just twice the number on the dice? or is it just automatically 8?

  32. For my English tongue I’m calling it gun fight because Im bad at talking

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