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Karuta – A Japanese Card Game

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In karuta, one player reads the writing on a card, and the others try to be first to spot the card with the picture that matches. This game has long been enjoyed by families and friends, but it gained a new face with the recent popularity of competitive karuta. Competition cards feature 100 famous poems from an ancient collection called Hyakunin Isshu. It’s a contest of speed as well as memory, and we’ll watch a national champion spot her card in just 0.2s. The old poems also provide an introduction to Japanese culture, another attraction for the growing number of players who are now taking up this game around the world.


  1. I searched this vid because I watched Chihayafuru and was really amazed and came to love the anime as I watched it. Japanese being abke to keep their culture alive and making anime. Hikari no Go too. Love those kind anime. This kind of games in Nihon amazes me so much. Like how intelligent are these people ?

  2. Am I the only one here because of Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter?

  3. I dont get it they just hit like 5 cards at once how they know they picking the right one?

  4. its so funny hearing the narrator trying to emulate a teen aged girls voice.

  5. Great vid! Thx for uploading. I actually got here from the middle of watching Detective Conan's movie: the crimson love letter

  6. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF says:

    This could raise social skill better.
    It seems like people are playing with the cards.
    Does make friends when you play games however.

  7. This game would be an excellent way to help learn Japanese. The hearing and the memorization would be a great help in the listening department. It trains you to recognize and learn the words being said quickly and fluently, it really needs to be played more in Japanese learning courses.

  8. 1:22 you know she in her head like " fuck you b*t#h" then goes on to fixing her glasses

  9. I didn't realize that this was a real game. Nor the speed being accurate in Chihayafuru

  10. Chihayafuru is the reason why I’m here HAHAHA

  11. Everyone: I’m here from Chuhayafuru
    Me an intellectual: I’m here from carnival phantasm

  12. The narrator is awesome haha

  13. Objetivo: jugar kurata
    Obstáculo : tirar todo Alv

  14. Why do they slap their mat though after each battle?

  15. Am I the only one here that came from YouTube recommendations?

  16. Am I the only one who don't watch this because of chihayafuru?

  17. I think tossing card aside (with all the others) is extremely lame. They should snatch it. Or just tap on it.

  18. This is really fascinating! Came here because of Chihayafuru ♥️

  19. Who's here from Chihayafuru? I also have an english version of karutaaa uwu

  20. So this is like a matching game but instead of picking up the cards like a normal person you fucking slap them away.

  21. love the teenage girl voice lol :))

  22. Which episode of Begin Japanology is this from?

  23. Great video, until the ending totally ruined it.

  24. I came here after I saw Chihayafuru EP 1 and want to learn more about the game.

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