Kevin O'Connell on Final Injury Report for Wild Card Game & Justin Jefferson Being 1st Team All-Pro -

Kevin O’Connell on Final Injury Report for Wild Card Game & Justin Jefferson Being 1st Team All-Pro

Minnesota Vikings
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Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Kevin O’Connell addressed the media from the TCO Performance Center.

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  1. Glad to have Bradbury back!!!!!!! Let’s grill the giants a 2nd time coach

  2. Now if only we didn't have Ed lmao😂 if it's not our offense then it's our defense

  3. Justin Jefferson #18 best Receiver in the league says:

    Please KOC have the boys ready for this game i wanna see us win a super bowl 🏈 💜💛🙏

  4. Take the bowl this year, fan from viking Sweden.

  5. No turnovers makes it easier for Defense to make crucial 3rd down stops. If O-Line lets Cousins complete passes to the best receivers in the NFL it will make for a winning combination! 🟣🟣🟪🟪🟨🟨🟨🟨🟡🙂🙂💜💜💜💜💯😈SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!

  6. You get an A+ for Volume today. Now lets go beat 'em Sunday. SKOL

  7. If this team brings strong, fast and aggressive energy then watch out cause the talent and experience is definitely there they just have to unleash it in these next 4 games…
    Be Hungry, Get fired up🔥

  8. Sending positive energy to Cam and his loved ones.

  9. We absolutely have to stop the run this game. Our biggest shot at winning is to have Jones throw. That said, we need to get the middle shored up between the hashes in front of the secondary "bubble."

  10. He’s an amazing coach!! Way to go vikes on hiring him and finally firing zimmer!! We got this win on Sunday!

  11. Is it time to SKOL Yet? Get ready Skoldiers. All aboard the SKOL train. SKOOOLLLL!!!! SKOOOLLLL!!!! SKOOOLLLL!!!! SKOOOLLLL!!!! SKOOOLLLL!!!! 💜💜💜💜

  12. fast start and the fans at the bank loud on defense we got this 🤞🏽🤞🏽

  13. Bradbury could have quit so many times over the years because of the attitude of the fan base. Negative from the start. A lot of guys would have. A lot of guys have. Come on brother. Let's go!!!! SKOL win or lose! What a year.

  14. Unanimous first team all pro I think this solidified jj as the NFLs best wr

  15. Second time going to US Bank stadium, both vs the Giants. Y’all better not lose!

  16. Fix that Oscar call on 4th downs. The on air commentators blew it for you during the bears game.

  17. Yeah good point KOC. Maybe we need to take a page out of the eagle fans playbook and sit outside their hotel rooms and be loud as fluck all night long. Make sure they're up all night. And then really bring the thunder like Thor's in the US Bank Stadium. SKÖL boys!

  18. And it is nice to have those x and o's videos but, I don't think it's good idea, teams get ready to play you with a good idea of what you have in store for them and what are your progressions and traits.

  19. KOC bring us a ring please, we will build you a statue with the rest of the team

  20. Gracias Kevin y a todos los Vikingos por darnos una temporada llena de emociones al maximo durante toda la temporada.

  21. I'm routing for our Offensive & Defensive lines 💜💜 I love you guys. You're great ! Vikings slay Giants ! SKOL! 🔥

  22. when I saw and jefferson being. I thought he was injured got scared


  24. SKÖL for Life from Wi, it's been a Fantastic season, couldn't have wished for a better outcome.
    Kick some ass today.
    A game from all three phases

  25. Giants will beat the Vikings the woke state of Minnesota are going to be disapointed.

  26. The Vikings better not go in thinking, “We’ve won a lot of close games. If this is a close game we’re good.” Teams in the playoffs who allow the road team to stay in the game have a bad habit of losing at the end. I actually think the Giants win in a close game although it seems like anything’s possible in this matchup. The Vikings seem to be like George Costanza: they do the “opposite.” Whatever you expect them to do you can figure it will be reversed. As Jerry Seinfeld might say, “I don’t get it! You expect the Vikings to do one thing and they do the other! It makes no sense!”

  27. There's no excuse for the defense with all the talent they have. Donatel needs to go. No containment of the qb, still running at will the the defense right side, and zero pressure on the qb.

  28. Hey Vikings⚒️Keep playing Professional Football🤓Maintain the defense like a shield wall. Move the offense to the End Zone like a swift controlled furor. Win the Post Season brothers!🖖😇

  29. I hate Ed Donitell, if he isn't gone next year I don't think I will be able to watch one game.

  30. The referees of the past would not have missed that false start by the Gianrs oline tackle. Too close to call the rear end.

  31. No containment. No discipline on defense. Fire donatel after your lose today.

  32. Another no containment for a TD. Lucky there was a flag

  33. Defense will play to soft here at the end of the 1st half and give up at least a field goal I bet.

  34. How bout that. They finally tightened things up at the end of the 1st half. Play that way all the time dummy Donatel

  35. I was away from the game. Oh wait Gianr TD to start the 2nd half, imagine that.

  36. Good to see the offense is not folding. Way to keep fighting.

  37. Wish our oline would do as well as the Giant oline at picking up the blitz.

  38. When ya goin to realize the screens aren't working?

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