King Lynxx - To The Room (Catalog Card Games Performance) -

King Lynxx – To The Room (Catalog Card Games Performance)

Mag The Poboy
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Catalog Card Games is a new battle arena for artists, producers, and musicians to put their talent all on the table against their opponent. Each performer is allowed to bring five pieces of content from their catalog. The cards will dictate the performer’s destiny in performing those pieces. Each performer will be dealt four cards (four performances each), with the objective in mind not to need a pull from the deck. The card game winner is determined by the performer with the highest score (least cards remaining in hand), with a perfect score being 4. If a performer has to pull from the deck, but cannot use that card and need to pull again, it will result in a point deduction. On the other hand, if the performer pulls from the deck and can use that card, they don’t gain/lose a point (points are only given when played from the initial hand dealt). While winning the card game is one challenge, you (the people) have the final say as to who won the battle.

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