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Korvold Treaure Storm #cedh

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  1. was that a thirst trap for a cedh combo. is that what i just viewed. i want more.

  2. Aren't at least some of the following cards worth to be mentioned? Grim Hireling, Facebreaker, Mayhem Devil, Ruthless Technomancer or Ragavan?

  3. I’m actually lost can someone explain

  4. Like that the deck I play is getting some love

  5. Top whatever on edhrec. What's the point of this video btw?

  6. Korvold is fun to play? I m about a built the deck

  7. the dawnwaker one is gonna be so lame lmao it’ll be like sicko mode playing BASALT MONOLITH. SWIFT RECONFIGURATION. PONDER

  8. If you play corpse dance in commander no one likes you. The game is way too complex to be keeping track of graveyard order and watching that you don't cheat something else to the top, just play one of the dozen better reanimation spells.

  9. Making me wanna bring back korvold again lol

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