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Learn Briscola in under 3mins – Italian Card Game

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Briscola is a must learn Italian card game. It is the most famous Italian card game after Scopa. It’s easy to learn and very fun to play. Here a brief introduction to Briscola with the most important rules.


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0:00 What is Briscola?
0:27 Cards and Values
1:07 High Suit aka Briscola
1:27 Playing
2:21 Scoring
2:49 Special Rules
3:07 More in-depth video
3:19 You are great!

By Christopher Cannucciari

All Rights: Dynamic Range 2021


  1. Played this for hours with a childhood friend in the Bronx.

  2. Thank you as a puertorican i played this growing up and i want my friends to learn how to play in the us

  3. Aren't the aces and threes called bombs

  4. I already know how to play but needed a video to show somebody and this was great! I like that you used a “standard” deck to keep it simple for learning, also the whole presentation and visuals were very professional. Wish you good luck with growing your channel, you’re definitely on the right track.

  5. It's Sick Out There and Getting Sicker says:

    Awesome! Many days playing brisc in Brooklyn

  6. You make some quality videos. Wish I had your skill, but I haven’t worked as long or as hard as you have, so my videos will always be inferior. I’m so glad to see people trying to bring card games back.

  7. his is for some genius shit. Aint no one gonna learn this quick, damn.

  8. Thanks buddy great video. I'm in prison and bought a deck of cards that turned out to be a Spanish deck of 48 cards. But I recall playing this game with a childhood friend over 15 years ago and needed a refresher. 👍🏼

  9. I already know how to play but I needed a refresher course as its been years since I played. This video was perfect, the production value was simple yet clean and professional. Keep up the great work 🙂

  10. In VIP GAMES they refer to Briscola and Brisca as two similar but different games. What is that diference.

  11. I have always been taught that the game is to 120 as that is the total of all the points in the deck. and played 3 out of three to win. I do not understand why 150 or 170 total points, it does not make sense to me. Please explain.

  12. No use of the besting cycle?
    Spades beats Clubs
    Clubs beats Cups
    Cups beats Coin
    Coin beats Spades

  13. Hey friend! My wife and I have loved playing this game which we learnt from your video. Thanks so much.

    It would be so great if you could do one explaining the team version!

    Thanks again!!!

  14. you got me at the ace of like card. I laughed so hard… thanks for that.

  15. What does an Italian pack of cards look like? What is missing if there are only 40 cards instead of 52? When I was a child in the 50's and 60's my granny stayed with us. Every week my aunts and uncles and cousins all came for dinner. Afterwards the adults used to play cards and us kids were sent out to play in the garden or in winter to another room to play.

  16. Hi
    Re Briscola
    Is it a rule to deal the three cards in one go or could you deal one and one.

  17. If youre playing for points and get the black hand do you get 120 points? (Love these videos btw)

  18. Thank you so much! I used to play this game with my grandparents but now after years i had fogotten how to play

  19. I play this game with my nonno he comes from sicly

  20. ܔဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪဪ says:

    can you tell me the order of suit (without the high suit)?

  21. In recent years i've forgotten all my previous briscola skills but some of my fondest memories are of playing it with my ancient zio. Can't wait to introduce my non-italian friends to this game now

  22. What if I hit same cards without Briscola Cards. Let say I hit seven with seven ?

  23. Nice game buddy i used to play this game with my friends at Rome and my gradparents too thx for this tutorial.I have a question If i play with spanish cards îs this a problem? BYE!

  24. Hey, I have a question about Briscola that I can't find the answer to anywhere: Is it allowed for a player to look through their captured-card pile before playing their turn? We were playing with some friends last night when one of them put down his hand and picked up his captured card pile to look through it in order to see what has been played. Is there a rule for or against that? Thanks!

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