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Learn how to play mahjong in 2.5 minutes

South China Morning Post
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Mahjong is a tile-based game that’s been played in Asia for over 300 years and is gaining global popularity. Although the game is hard to master, it’s fairly easy to learn the basics.


  1. Didn't understand anything, why chinese people hate explaining their game, ok fck off and play with your other chinese friends

  2. this mahjong game has strength Like a Dragon

  3. I developed a Chinese Mahjong and Japanese Mahjong online game website for 4 people. The website is called mahjongo. Everyone is welcome to play.😛

  4. I need this to understand Pon no Michi 🙏

  5. Can your 4 suits be unconcealed???

    I'm playing on Like a dragon the video game and I feel like I had a winning hand like 10 times but nope

  6. 😊 you are wearing a Finnish Marimekko dress, so i forgot to listen those rules.. today is Chinese new year. I went to Chinese restaurant for lunch. After lunch us friends played Mahjong in friends house, great fun.

  7. that reveal was a bit underwhelming
    so its gin rummy except with tiles
    my last hope is that "How To Play Go"
    will be a more exciting reveal
    I imagine it to be Dungeons and Dragons
    with tiles and strategy
    Probably turn out to be more like Othello

  8. what i learn about this game: nothing cuz i still have no idea how to play it lol

  9. Remember to have fun, until you get Yakuman'd into next week.

  10. Is this some spinoff of the actual game where you layer the tiles and have to match them to reveal the tiles below, but gotta clear out the borders before can match?

  11. Shame on you. I don't understand anything

  12. i watched to understand Pon no Michi better hahaha

  13. This game was invented by my ancestor Bhagwan Ram. It was used my the Royals and Imperials before commercially sold to the public. The point of it was to pair India and China to together. The symbols are part of my family’s ancient business logos found in various places. ⚡️🤴🏽🕉🔺➕

  14. You also need to learn how to do a 清一色 and 十三么 but it is very hard and you can just do 雞糊 and 對對糊

  15. 2.5 minutes and 2.5 years seems more like it

  16. I tried to watch Pon No Michi, but didn't understand how the game works. If I watched the anime without understanding anything from it then there's no fun watching

  17. POV: you are grinding for <-Mahjong Master-> in FFXIV

  18. my parents play with 16 tiles with the 17th one only being picked up! I believe its even regional in the Philippines b/c I've seen filipinos from different provinces play it slightly differently as well ☺️

  19. I’m sorry. Video did not make it any clearer. I will have to watch longer video

  20. Thanks for the guide. I will now grind coin to buy gift and donate them for stardust for Blue Archive x Mahjong Soul collabs, wish me luck.

  21. It seems so easy if you already knows how to play the game for years! Not for a beginner!!!! Where can I buy tiles made of elephant tusks, just like what my landlord were using when I still a child.

  22. Today I learned Mahjong and Mahjong solitaire are not the same game.

  23. I got more confused in 2.5minutes. Thanks SCMP.

  24. They had to make you win and laugh because they would’ve been fired 🤡

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