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Learn How to play Teen Patti in Hindi | Complete Guide with Rules & Regulations

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First of all, we would like to thank our subscribers and viewers of old videos, and because of your support we are back with one more video and it’s about India’s most played card casino game, Teen Patti.

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In this particular video, you will learn about how to play Teen Patti card game in Hindi, you will be made aware of every rules and regulation while playing this game online or in a casino. Also, there are many variations in the Teen Patti game which will be covered soon.

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  1. rakh lo bhai poore BGM hi rakhlo tumara avaj nikal ke..kyunki vvahi sunane aya na hum…

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    !!! Coconut !!!

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  8. Pure sequence me _player 1 ~ .. 4.. 5.. 6 no cards
    Player 2~ 8 …. 9… 10… Cards then who will win

  9. Best explanation available on youtube for teenpatti, thanks

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  13. There’s acutely 1 thing higher then trio the royal flysh like king queen ghulam

  14. My personal opinion (I don't believe in luck games such as this 3teen Patti).

  15. Bohot Achcha Laga Vai Thanks 😊😊❤️

  16. Suppose two players on showing have same high cards fr exmpl Akj and Akj…who wins

  17. Game me2 3 5 aurpure sequal to bada non.

  18. Teen patti me jis bhai ka los ho gaya hai uska company se refund kra dunga mere channel pr mera whatsapp no hain contact kre….

  19. Bhai pr waha pr cards pr numbers hote ha unka kaya matlab unki priority kaya hoti ha 🤔

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  21. Mere to uper uper se nikal gya ye teen patti

  22. Bhai agar 2 players ke pair aaya to kya kare pls btao

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