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learning all the steps in a card game

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  1. Pretty cringe that half of the video’s an ad for Battle Spirits

  2. funny how I hate when I realize Im talking like this when introducing a new MMORPG to a friend 😋

  3. Sun Monghul just took all your cows. What are you going to do about it?

  4. So where's my Cow Card Game? Where's the gofund me?

  5. Ayeee yooo battle spirits where the prozd cow deck at

  6. At some point going second is just better….. sad

  7. When the actual video is half as long as you expect it to be.

  8. i actually want to play this hypothetical game

  9. How do you do these with a straight face? is your estoicism level inhumanly high or do they take several takes? Because most people I know would burst out laughing instantly

  10. There is no worse pain than not being able to do the hat step OR the cry step

  11. Most unrealistic part is the first player drawing turn 1

  12. Yeah, I make other people the first player in most TCG for this reason

  13. I really appreciate the simplicity of the Pokemon tcg after playing YuGiOh, seeing how THAT has changed, hearing about Magic, and this definitely real cow game, and all these other games. Everyone puts down whatever basic Pokemon they have in their hands before play, first turn draws a card, you can play one energy card and however many trainers you want except you can only do one Supporter, end turn. Second and every following turn – draw a card, play whatever you want, then attack. End turn. None of these pre-attack phase 1, pre attack phase 2, precombat which is different for some reason, main combat, main combat phase 2, post-combat phase pi, twirly reverse defense phase…

  14. Ah yes, it must be balanced now that the second turn is actually the first turn.

  15. Good thing the guy explaining the rules forgot the extra invoked step of slapping someone when they are crying like a bitch. It is a step that can be involved randomly at any time and it interruptus the current step and it is where the player that isn't crying like a bitch gets to slap the player that is crying like a bitch; this can also be involved if a player attempts to leave or quit the game before the leave or quit/ forfeit step is active and auto repeats of the player keeps leaving our to the player decides to wait till the correct step for their desired action arrives.

    It is such a simple step that rarely happens, so I can understand how it can be missed when teaching someone everything about the game.

  16. I legit thought once again this was going to be about yugioh

  17. My brother tried to teach me magic the gathering and it was shockingly like this

  18. Has anyone ever bought one of these sponsored products

  19. im amazed the first player was allowed to draw a card actually

  20. These card games really like cows
    Idea for one of those skits:
    Holy Cow


  22. Please stop using the lords name in vain yall

  23. Battle spirits is getting an English translation, wow

  24. Watching the sponsored collab he did with Polygon made this a lot easier to understand

  25. He's going to play this game exactly one time and he knows it.

  26. How I sound to anyone I explain Yu-gi-oh to.

  27. You can't cry during the cry step 😂 Wow! You sure can tell they definitely play tested this thoroughly!

  28. 0:39 the genuine sadness that he expressed after his hat got knocked off is the most realistic feeling I’ve ever seen

  29. At this point, he needs to make his own Cow Card game….and itd be actually really good

  30. He has the look and determination of a man who still cards to play

  31. Fun fact: Gullenbursti is a shining golden boat which pulls Frey’s chariot. It was forged from a boat hide by the Dwarven brothers Brokk and Eitri.

  32. Dude, we get it. Card game rules can be complicated and silly. Stop making the same joke…

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