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Legends of Runeterra – Official Card Game Overview Trailer

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Legends of Runeterra (LoR) is a free-to-play strategy card game set in the world of LoL. LoR features
cards based on the iconic champions of LoL, as well as new characters and allies hailing from the regions
of Runeterra, each with their own style and strategic advantage.

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  1. So can we confidently say that its officially riot game(s) now? 🤔

  2. Blizzard:*gets boycotted*
    Riot Games:

  3. I cant believe that someone is actually playing card games in 2019 but ok

  4. Blizzard: What are you doing son?
    Riot: Succeding you father

  5. I would love riot to put champions from legends of runtera to league of legends some champions look sick I would love to see Them in the original game

  6. I reaaaally want Skin Lore Cards like a PROJECT: Deck or Star Guardian Deck that would be SOOOO cool

  7. Riot: every move matters
    Me: they know my deepest fear!

  8. I played for about 4 hours before the beta ended, and I've had more fun with this game than I've ever had with Hearthstone for the past 5 years. Looking forward to the full release!

  9. So no word yet for the official release date. Damn I cant wait

  10. They need to make a league game like skyrim.. But in piltover or something.. Like a single player one.. I think that would be epic as hell.

  11. Another card game? Didn't they learn from Valve and their Artifact?

  12. Riot may be doing well against Blizzard but in the end of the day they are dogs to the Chinese government

  13. Yeah, I'll just stick to league.

  14. How come noone found leaked info on the new games but they find them.for L.O.L

  15. The lack of artifact references disappoint me :/

  16. If they actually make the cards, then Imma get them all.

  17. I hope they bring forgotten champions to greatness, which are left behind due nerfs/reworks that basically brought them to lowest pick rate.

    Cough Like my boy Azir cough
    There better be Shurima deck.

  18. Can you stop putting 5 minute long ads for your shitty Hearthstone clone in between my videos pls thx

  19. Bye Hearthstone. It was nice knowing you.

    Amazing season 10 Summoner's Rift, TFT and LoL mobile, Animated series, and now this…. Damn.. They really have become Riot 'Games'.

    Can't wait for Disguised Toast to play this

  20. Why are there no bildgewater champions? Like wth

  21. I was trying to get in the beta but never got key. Probably for the best because I know I will waste hundreds on getting cards because I have no self control. Lol

  22. This is reminding me a lot of Artifact. :-/

  23. can playing it on android ??

  24. With the graphics of phones and games these days why can't they have it like how the yugioh anime depicts and actually spawn it from the card to fight?

  25. It’s 2020, enough with the flat 2d art format, make 3-d digital characters.

  26. So will this game be just digital or is paper also a posibility?

  27. this is the new game riot made from using some champions from league of legends

  28. The game is boring with an epic grind.not worth the time required to be fun.

  29. You can't destroy our friendship
    "Draw" i summon fluit of poro now face the power of our friendship

  30. There are four additional tribes missing from the map shown in this trailer

  31. Ox_True Protagonist Chris Redfield_Xo says:

    "Spend time and not money" huge spit to the face of Blizzard and Hearthstone

  32. how much does this game cost to play competitively?

  33. I defenitely moved not in kay kays tiddies 🙁 🙁 hahahahahahahaha

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