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Let’s learn this self working card trick!

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  1. Hi can u tell if a home game is using a mechanic? Mr Magic my buddy is a great poker player n he went to some massive poker home games n kept losing. Wondering if anyone can get them revealed

  2. I’m a huge fan of card tricks and I did this and practice three times I was super amazed by the trick. Thank you for posting it.

  3. So this is their card 🃏💃🃏🕺🃏🤾🃏

  4. You're not a magician, you're just a kid trying to show off manual skills

  5. Trading khud se sikho guyz achaa rehga

  6. magic magic magic “was THIS your card?!”
    “uhh.. I actually forgot 😅”

  7. I dont even know but you lost me after like 5 seconds…. too much going on to even follow or find interesting 🤷‍♀️

  8. He did really well hiding the queen

  9. I've tried this trick so many times and still can't get it. I just don't know how you're supposed to figure out what their card is, and what if they cut the deck "as much as they like" and end up chumming the rotation? This trick is cool if everything goes exactly the way the magician wants to go, but I dunno, something about it isn't making sense to me.

  10. I’m sorry but this is a trash magic trick for few reasons. First because the trick in itself is trash like no one will be impressed it’s literally just confusing and too much process and moves to do at the end we just like « oh ok » but really nothing magical happenend there was like 10 weird useless steps. Now second part is the way you do it, please when you do magic tricks choose between cardistry and MAGIC, if you want to do card flourish do card flourish, but when you do magic trick always use the most simple card movement ever invented because your goal is to make people impressed with the magic trick, if you make the cards fly everywhere with some moves people will be confused also and just think  « yeah well he can make card fly and all so of course he can turn my card in the deck he just made a quick move » and then no more magic also. Use the simplest moves for magic always

  11. Hummer principle (or Hummer shuffle). It has many applications! ❤

  12. It’s a very nice cool deck you have there❤

  13. You’re very fidgety. Should get that checked out

  14. Obviously magic is meant to confuse the brain/eyes, not everyones gonna be able to do it but thats the point, people need to be less critical ❤ brilliant trick!

  15. Try not to load such videos again.YouTube is for fun.Short, clear, amusing.NOT A PSYCHOMETRIC TEST.

  16. I like the trick—but just some honest constructive criticism: way too many unnatural and exaggerated hand movements and gestures. 😅 Takes away from the trick. Maybe consider cutting some of the flexes back? But nice vid. 👍🏻

  17. That was damn good!! Constructive criticism: i like how fast you go to do the tricks, but slow down on some aspects of it. Second is your the narration that you give. It's not bad, but i think you should find a voice or a character that would work with what you are going for.

  18. I love your stuff!! but this one seems a bit overly complicated for the result especially if you allow the spectator to do it

  19. When a magician does loads of fancy card handling it becomes impossible to follow what’s going on and it’s also clear that they could be doing anything right in front of your eyes. I tune out. I’d much rather watch Lennart Green fumble his way seemingly incompetently and yet STILL somehow be controlling the cards! That’s amazing!

  20. It doesn't look like a trick or anything. If selected choice is gonna get at the 2nd place, that will be the only alternate card that hasn't been flipped, so obviously, when alternate cards are gonna get flipped over again to show the backside, the second card which wasn't flipped initially would be facing the opposite side.. Also, shuffling is maintained with two cards or even cards and not odd cards

  21. Fascinating! If you watch then at the atage where you deal out the cards in the four piles near the end, two piles are face up and two face down with the chosen card the other way around. Looks fantastic though!

  22. Obviously you have black only spaces because you’re offering black only spaces

  23. Will it really work if I follow the same steps?

  24. Cool trick, but that’s a lot of commands for the spectator…kind of raises the chance of them messing up by not doing it exactly the way you want…. Sometimes the audience members are sloppy with how they handle the cards…

    But it is a cool trick for sure .

    Maybe I’ll save it for my smarter, more focused friends…

  25. I'll keep it . But I'll see if I can make it different. And achieve the same thing.

  26. Giving us a nice Hummer with an origami ending

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