Let's Make a Collectable Card Game - EP 1: Make good game mechanics with simple rules. #gamedev - finalbosscardgame.com

Let’s Make a Collectable Card Game – EP 1: Make good game mechanics with simple rules. #gamedev

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Even wondered how to make a board game at home? We’ll today we kick on a new series that look into exactly that. How to design a fun card game. The design principles are the same as How to make a fun Board game. We’ll be talking about how to make a good game in this video. such as how to make good game mechanics but have simple rules. What are some good Trading card games. So lets design a card game because we are designing a card game. P.S. I need your help play testing so JOIN THE DISCORD!

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  1. Sounds a bit like Legend of the 5 Rings

  2. Tbh, I am always so enthusiastic about making one, but what I'm worried about is that would anyone want to play my card game?

  3. Bro has marriage problems. You’re good king

  4. Uh… Hello?! My name is James, that was mildly terrifying haha

  5. I enjoy the more simultaneous turns, i have been using that concept in many of my games, sometimes to massive success other times less so.

  6. Almost clicked off then you said my name so I stayed and enjoyed -James

  7. This was fascinating to listen to. I've probably listened to it like 4 times already! 🤣

    I have been dying to create a TCG forever, centered around a story I've been writing for FOREVER.

    I still actually have my own prototypes from years back when I was a precocious 6th grade girl.

    I love TCGs surrounded by monsters and magic, but you know what's funny? Not once have I played any card game! Maybe a little bit of poker, but that's about it.

    Even back then, in 6th grade, I did not really know what I was doing. Never came up with game rules for it as it felt daunting. All I did was create the monster in my head, slap it on an index card, and add a bunch of random stats, and zeroes to its power and health, making the majority of them pretty much solo all of fiction. 🤣

    If you look at my old cards, you'd be flummoxed how to even play it! I don't think you even could!😂

    I want to get back into collecting Magic The Gathering cards. Just for the sake of collecting them. Pokémon too. I had some cards I loved, though they weren't very powerful like Chartooth Cat/Cougar and Forest Lynx. Unfortunately, these cards and many others, even a lot of the ones I created, are lost to time…😭

    I want to thank you for this video, I found it very helpful! I will be borrowing some ideas from it for my TCG, but I will put other things in it so that it is still unique and original! 😁💜

  8. Do you mind if i just… BORROW!!! like… All of the rules?

  9. oh the turns/rounds thing is part of Ashes Reborn, that isn't new

  10. I really enjoy your non-magic related content. Very interesting and unique!

  11. Step 1: explore HTCGs
    Step 2: NEVER put resources that are needed to play cards in the deck

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