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Let’s Play: Digimon World 3 – Part 8 – Card Games

Meowing Kittens
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Let’s make a fishing pole!


  1. I saw in your first booster you got a Gazimon card. I love those little dudes! Totally partner material for me. 😀

  2. It took me a while to figure them out to, but it's so much easier with savestates, since you can cheat. The opponents always get and summon the same cards in order, so if you have the right deck, you can easily defeat them. Actually GETTING the good cards though, takes time and effort.

  3. man i hate card battles untill u get cards like 40/40 then it gets more fun

  4. Most of the time, it's to save SP for future rounds.

  5. Lmfaooooo you bought so many paralysis items thinking it was the bring back to life. when you noticed it i was rofl

  6. seriously, pokemon is a rip off of digimon :/

  7. @MrGagaq8 actually they both came out at around the same time… neither pokemon nor digimon is a ripoff of the other… and as you can tell there are many differences between the 2 shows and games… Pokemon digivolve to certain pokemon unless a stone or happiness is involved, while Digimon have many things that they can digivolve into…Pokemon only speak the syllables of their names while Digimon speak in the English language or Digimon talk as they refer to it as… I sound like a nerd lol

  8. @TheSpeckAttack1 i really wish i didnt write that comment 😛

  9. Pretty sure that when you get the techs and download techs depends on which Digivolution your have on the Digimon you're using.

  10. yeah i tend to sound nerdy when explaining the differences as well, its fun though

  11. at least someone shares it with me lol and on top of that pokemon came out a little before digimon lol

  12. Who cares which came out first, there both awesome series :3 though Digimon clearly gets less attention.

  13. i'm gonna get veemon it's near this forest 🙂

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