LINCH - 1v1 DEADLY CARD GAME! (2 Matches) -

LINCH – 1v1 DEADLY CARD GAME! (2 Matches)

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  1. Im a bird
    Im a bird
    Im a bird
    Im a bird
    Im a terd
    Im s bird
    Im a bird
    Im a bird
    Im a chiken wing

  2. One moment, it’s all studded and schocked, couple seconds later 7:21

  3. Linch: If this was a card game in real life, Those who play and host it, will be immediately arrested.

  4. He had butterfingers chocolate
    That's why he dropped his knife

  5. Cartoons "you ain't strong enough to kill me" immediately gets killed

  6. What happened to Cartoonz' lips? Were they cut off?! XD

  7. “Wai-wait, he’s got 4! YOU GREEDY BASTARDD!”

  8. Idk why but why is cartoons is funny to me🤣🤣🤣

  9. this was to funny I got hiccups H2O delirious 💙💙

  10. It's weird that no one has noticed that this is HEAVILY inspired by 21 in RE 7

  11. Cartoon: he has 4 nuts now

    Also cartoon:YOU GREEDY BASTARD

  12. Why did I think this game was 21 form resident evil 7

  13. I love how cartoonz shake his head👍👍

  14. Just saying why at the bottom of the description it says Fnaf lol

  15. 18:42 this is a sign they have to work together.. when they combine they make a pair.

  16. There’s no way this stayed monetized lol

  17. If you watch this on 2021 you are legendary

  18. It says the game is final in the disc look at it lol

  19. corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture
    Linch and FNaF
    Youtube: they're the same picture

  20. More of this game with toonzie!!!

  21. I can't believe this video came out 3 years ago wow 🤯

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