Lions vs. Seahawks | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights -

Lions vs. Seahawks | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

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The Detroit Lions take on the Seattle Seahawks in the 2016 NFL Wild Card playoffs.

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  1. All because we played Stafford with a broken finger

  2. The NFL is trash they blame everything on the lions

  3. lions had the game won till that 4th down play got crowd and hawks fired up

  4. Wow lions actually made it to the postseason

  5. That was fun. remember the legion of boom?

  6. This was less of a matchup and more of a cringe fest (as said by urinatingtree) LOL

  7. That was a clear penalty on Richardson’s first catch. He grabbed the face mask clear as day. No call…another edition of Detroit vs everybody

  8. One of the most boring playoff games i've seen

  9. can we get 5,000 subs without a video says:

    Ok ok the Lions were not played this game by the refs omg can't you just face the fact that they won

  10. I like dat Doug Baldwin stole de ball ⚽️🏀🏈 from Jermaine Kearse at de end u gotta admit dat was pretty damn funny 😆😄😁

  11. As a Lions fan, I knew we did not belong in the playoffs. Lions going to Seattle was going to be ugly and it sure was. All down hill from there.

  12. In 60 years of the lions franchise the lions have won jus one playoff game ever in 1991 rip

  13. Lions looked lost, someone should have told them that this was a post season game 😂😂

  14. What a game never mind the facemask TD are the dropped pass for a first down better team WON Seahawk s and Referees

  15. Go lions 🦁 injured team we could of done something this year

  16. If we could’ve finished drives w touchdowns

  17. I come back to watch this to remember the good old days

  18. I had no idea lions made playoffs 2016 and i am a big fan

  19. Seattle need to sign Paul Richardson again

  20. Well Matthew Stafford decided to meet Russell Wilson one last time

  21. Dang I miss that old SNF scoreboard, it looked so clean

  22. Remember that the Lions fired Jim Caldwell after going 9-7 that season and ruining their future by copying the Patriots homework

  23. Little did we know that our home playoff winning streak would end 4 years later…

  24. Every Time why lions will Jared Goff actually do anything :/

  25. As a lions fans I am still mad at the refs

  26. This game feels so weird. I remember most playoff games over the decade but this one I dont remember one bit. I didnt even remember the Lions making it that year

  27. Rawls and PRich were showing up. Wish Rawls had not had the broken ankle and more time to recover – I think he would have been good here. Still can't stand when RW takes back-to-back sacks, but then he comes back later and he's almost always money for the final 1/3 of the game.

  28. Last time the Lions will make the playoffs for 40 years


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