Liverpool (contract) [Rummy] - How to Setup and Play. Traditional card games. * Amass Games * BGA -

Liverpool (contract) [Rummy] – How to Setup and Play. Traditional card games. * Amass Games * BGA

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A chance to take a look at a game you may not have seen before and see what it looks like, how to play it, what I and others may think of it and how easy it is to transport…. I frequently cycle to gaming and have to cycle up a hill – thus, weight is important.

I record videos so I can recall the rules. I also find it easier to watch than to read. I find it easier to see something unedited, without animations or something I wouldn’t see in real life…I shoot one takes so I can record and re-watch more games rules sooner! New videos recorded so please subscribe to discover something.

To support the channel, please consider subscribing to see the videos of newly filmed games first (many brand new games on their way).

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  1. What is that sound in the background? I couldn't figure out if it was a really loud washing machine on the spin cycle or a jet engine firing up. Either way, very good explanation. This helped me get started on BoardGameArena so I could play with my friends!

  2. This is my favorite card game but came here to learn about others. Thanks for making great content!

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