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Lord of the Rings: The Card Game | First 2 Missions & Thoughts | with Peter & Steve

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Peter & Steve play LoTR: The Card Game’s first 2 scenarios, then give you their thoughts on the game.
0:00 – Intro and Banter
3:26 – Game 1 (Flies & Spiders)
56:23 – Game 2 (To the River…)
2:29:11 – Post game discussion (Thoughts & How to get in now)
This is the TTS mod we are using to play the games. PLEASE SUPPORT PUBLISHERS & DESIGNERS BY PURCHASING THE GAME:

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  1. Maybe you've mentioned it but I missed it if you did: What are the names of the decks you're using?

  2. Lots of misinformation/bad suggestions at the end of the video. Basically, anything that is not part of the revised content can ONLY be bought by paying scalper prices (like 5-10 times MSRP).The revised core not only has 3 copies of every player card and 4 threat dials (so enough for 4 players), but the most important addition is the campaign mode included. The campaign cards link the scenarios together (similar to how the saga campaign works) and, for the core quest, makes them much easier. The campaign cards give a huge buff to a solo player, making the final quest much more fair for solo. The final quest was always fair for 2+ players.The small scenario pack mentioned is called "The Dark of Mirkwood". Those two quests also have campaign cards (all revised content has campaign cards added) with rules to combine the 2 quests into the 3 quest core set campaign to make a 5 quest campaign.Only the revised content (including Dark of Mirkwood) is available and being printed. There are also 4 starter decks available that combine mostly player cards that will not be reprinted. These are themed decks for Dwarves, Elves, Gondor, and Rohan.The other revised content is:Full cycles of the Angmar Awakened, Dream Chaser, and Ered Mithrin cycles.Repackaging of the LotR saga (formerly 6 boxes) into 3 boxes (1 for each novel).The cycles are split into 1 campaign box (quests only) and 1 hero box (player cards only). The saga boxes contain quests and player cards.FYI, the Dale suggestion doesn't work for new players as there are 0 Dale cards in the revised content. There are also no Outlands cards in the revised content. Also, the Hobbit saga is not being reprinted.Suggested purchases for new players after revised core set (do not buy an old core set, revised only)Dark of Mirkwood (2 easy quests)LotR Saga boxes, Fellowship of the Ring first. (Contains well-known characters as player cards and quests). Other 2 boxes as released.Revised cycles, starting with Angmar.Starter decks bought at any time if you want more cards.The other cycles and sagas will NOT be reprinted and the only way to get them is to pay a huge premium on the secondary market. The first 3 cycles released after the core set (Darrowdelf, Against the Shadow and Ring-maker) will not be reprinted. The two later cycles, Haradrim and Vengeance of Mordor will also not be reprinted.

  3. Are all these cards just from the new version of the base game?

  4. Way too aggressive on the quest with multiple enemies engaged in the first quest. That strategy absolutely will get you wrecked in scenarios harder than Passage Through Mirkwood.

  5. Perhaps it's mentioned later in the video, but Argalad's ability is once per round only, so you could not have trivially killed all those enemies.

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