Magic Archer = *INFINITE* Value -

Magic Archer = *INFINITE* Value

Ian77 – Clash Royale
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  1. i wanna see ian play the flying machine, with his placement and timing skills he could probably plant one down and have it kill stuff worth 20+ elixir everytime

  2. how can you say no skill when youre playing against sparky with tank infront you have to position correctly he just need to stack

  3. Knight close to delivery recruit gots hit by sparky too… some of the seldom varieties where Ian actually makes a mistake 😅

  4. Ian you should play Austin’s deck for a video and just talk about how good megaknight and that deck is. Please do it it would be so funny

  5. Do Austin’s meganut ballon deck please 🙏

  6. I like to imagine that the blue king is getting slapped by the mega minion in the beginning while making all these calculations

  7. If he has zap over mini p you lose this matchup 😮

  8. Now we need Evolved Magic Archer for the people like me who can't place him correctly lol

  9. ian loves magic archer the way he used to love piggies

  10. Level 11 tower at 9000? You put It on afterwards. Liar

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