Magic Player Rates BEST and WORST Yu-Gi-Oh Cards! ft @Tolarian Community College! -

Magic Player Rates BEST and WORST Yu-Gi-Oh Cards! ft @Tolarian Community College!

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We showed The Professor, a long-time Magic the Gathering player, some of the best and worst Yu-Gi-Oh cards for the first time and he has to guess how good or bad they are! Big shoutout to @Tolarian Community College for suffering through all the card text!


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  1. Decided as a thought experiment to make a more magic-style templating for these. The biggest source of wordiness is activation requirements and costs. So I added some keywords for that. Exhaust effect is soft once per turn, Singular effect is hard once per turn, and Tribute effect requires tributing that card as cost. Effects state their trigger (if any) using "when" or "at", then their activation restrictions (if any), then their costs (if any). Tributing is assumed to be from the field and Excavating from the top of your deck unless otherwise specified. Spell speed 1 activations are assumed main phase only. Cards also no longer assume you have only 1 opponent.

    Pot of prosperity
    You cannot draw cards the turn you activate this card.
    Singular effect, banish 3 or 6 cards from your Extra Deck face down: Excavate that many cards, then add 1 excavated card in your hand and put the rest on the bottom of your deck. Damage dealt to opponemts is halved until end of turn.

    Red Eyes Dark Dragoon
    Indestructible and Untargetable by card effects.
    Effect: Destroy 1 monster an opponent controls and deal its original attack as damage to that player. Activate once per turn for each normal monster fused to summon this monster.
    When a card or card effect is activated, Quick Exhaust Effect: Negate that activation and destroy that card. This monster gains 1000 Atk.

    Winged Dragon of Ra Sphere Mode
    Cannot be Special Summoned or Set. Requires 3 tributes to Normal Summon to any player's field.
    At End Phase: If this monster was summoned last turn, its owner gains control of it.
    Tribute Effect: You may Special Summon 1 4000/4000 "Winged Dragon of Ra" from your deck, ignoring its summoning conditions

    World Gears of Theurlogical Demiurgy
    Unaffected by other monsters' effects if Link Summoned. Cannot be a Link Material.
    When an opponent Extra Deck summons, Singular Effect: You may Special Summon 1 "World Legacy" monster from your deck.
    Singular Effect: If this monster's Link Materials had at least 3 different types and attributes, destroy all other cards on the field.

    Even with the extra line breaks these are much shorter than the original cards, and I think more readable as well.

  2. as someone who played his mystic mine deck once after getting back in and going "OH COOL THAT WILL SLOT INTO MY OLD TRAP BURN DECK REALLY WELL!!" I can agree it's 100% evil 🤣

  3. man I remember the good old days when a 1900 vanilla monster was all the hype and we played "fair" yu gi oh. I pretty much quit the game when large text boxes became the norm and the game became extremely combo reliant.

  4. I've never heard the prof swear except when reading yugioh cards

  5. For a layman:
    Why is everyone complaining about Mystic Mine? Side deck some Mystical Space Typhoons or many other fine S/T removal choices.

  6. Mystic mine is YuGiOh’s Blood Moon. Best way to think about the standstill it causes

  7. Just mst the mystic mine or one of the many other cards that blow up spells. I remember when galaxy cyclone, mst, dust tornado, and new cards like lightning storm that blows up all spells and traps. Seems like if your deck can't handle this one card you are severely lacking in staple "pop" cards.

  8. For prof ra egg is a triple targeted edict effect. Along the lines of tergrid’s shadow. Or that one each player sac’s three creatures. With egg though your opponent must have at least three creatures and egg can’t be countered

  9. YOO 500k on YouTube lets go Congrats guys

  10. It's so weird to hear the professor cuss I love it

  11. I don't know about you man.. but most people I know who plays Magic, has also dabbled in Yugioh and Pokemon.

  12. 11:00 Kaijus are like that.

    The reason why YGO cards have so much text is because they are very specific. They not only say what they do, but also how they do it.

    And this is important because you can stop an effect from resolving successfully by stopping half of it.
    Also, YGO players are dumb.

    I'm talking from the YGO perspective.

  13. It was a lot of fun until the power creep I haven't had fun playing yugioh IRL in a long time I still enjoy playing the video games and I love going back to play the games on DS because to me at less this was the best time to play. You didn't have XYZs links and so on. I liked Synchro cards when they first game out it picked up the speed of a game to am enjoyable level without making it over complicated. Many of the cards I liked playing with in GX where still good in 5Ds because the cards rarely over shadowed old cards like they do now. I'm a nostalgic player I like using my favorite cards and when I can't use them because current meta won't allow it. It kind of ruins the fun for me. Pokemons TCG dose it right honestly. Of you like playing with your favorite pokemon no worries we released a new version of that pokemon that can compete with current meta oh also older cards can still be played in and can be just as string or better then new cards.

  14. after reading mine
    “This is stupid”
    ding✅ sound effect

  15. I think the only thing that would have made this better is if there was at least a camera on the professor if not one on him and one on you guys. There just seems to be a lot of unused real estate in the top left and I wish I could see his reactions. And yours.

  16. in Yu-Gi-Oh we call it … me kid Magic invente those term

  17. Honestly, half the reason Yu-Gi-Oh cards are so fucking hard to parse the text for these days is that there was a standardization of card-rule phrasing at some point in the English game's history, so every single thing has this very FUCKING PRECISE rules-lawyery way of phrasing it. These phrasing regulations have to be followed to a T, no exceptions, but none of those regulation phrases really takes English grammar or readability into account. So it's like you're reading a very small, clunky legal contract every time.

    The reason those phrasing regulations were established was actually because the way English cards were translated earlier on in the game's history led to some gameplay rulings that were absolutely NOT intended by the Japanese text. So some cards were unfortunately being somewhat broken by their translations. The rules-lawyery phrasing was implemented to avoid that, but…

    …Well, card texts got pretty bulky. Which is fine in Japanese. You can say a lot more with a lower character-count in Japanese. But in English it gets really text-crunchy, and the rules-lawyery phrasing rules don't help mitigate that.

  18. As someone with surface level yugioh knowledge, the text seems bad, not as bad as prof says tho, but the art is wild and I love it, plus I can see the potential for all the various combos

    Im in no position to start another hobby, but yugioh seems fun

  19. In the Professor's defense, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon might have seen more play if it actually came out earlier in the TCG's history.

  20. I'm with the professor on this one. I left yugioh for magic right around gx era

  21. I hate yugioh for such long text for a one turn game. SIMPLIFY THE WORDING

  22. Pot of Prosperity just seems like a Scry with some card draw

  23. Loved seeing this an hour after making all my friends mad in commander with stasis

  24. What the professor doesn't understand about all the text in a YGO card is that all of it is needed to to adhere to PSCT. The fact that PSCT is standard makes it so much easier for rulings.

  25. PROFESÖR NEDEN SÜREKLİ NAH ÇEKİYORR!! Btw very good video guys!

  26. Would have loved to see what he thought of Cyber Dragon Overlord with overload fusion to bring it out

  27. 日本語より英語は単語が長いからテキストが見にくいのが老眼にはキツい

  28. Ahhhhh Solemn Judgment. That was quite a dark time we had back then.

  29. My first though with "Mystic mine" was to stack them and stack "FINAL", add some search spells and just hold not summon anything.

  30. Yugioh has become such cancer it's hysterical. Stopped playing after goat control.

  31. His complaints are trying to be addressed in the Rush Duel format. The font is still small but the text on cards tends to be more clear.

  32. Hey, for the Yu-Gi-Oh! players out there, quick questtion: can you block or prevent damage using your monsters? I don't mean any abilities or special effects. I just mean if I play a vanilla monster, can I use it to prevent damage to my life points that would be inflicted by an opponent's monster? Or does my opponent just get to ignore my monster and hit me anyway? Does summoning my monster in Defense Mode change the answer?

    And, if I can't "block" my opponents' monsters, don't games just end in like 2-3 turns because some monsters have 3000 or 4500 attack and each player starts with 8000 LP? If true, does that make the games more fun or less fun than if they lasted for 5-10 turns?

  33. Not a Yu-Gi-Oh player myself, but I very much enjoyed watching this video with the prof in it. super cool.

  34. I've been playing magic since I was 8 years old. Around the start of this year, my friend introduced me to Yu-Gi-Oh and I got him into magic. This video really sealed the deal on me buying my first deck. Thanks.

  35. Coming from Magic, hearing the Professor swearing is the best thing I've seen in my life lmao

  36. I am a Magic player and it is really funny to hear the Prof swear in camera 😄

  37. I like Prof's idea of shrinking Yu-Gi-Oh card text xD

  38. I’m so glad I used to play yugioh being able to understand both magic and yugioh really lets me just kind of observe the two games next to each other. I’ve been thinking of picking yugioh up again. Mystic mine looks right up my alley. Or madolches. Great video guys!

  39. I love hearing the Prof swear. Also I like these videos, being primarily a magic player I feel the profs struggles to understabd

  40. Pot of Prosperity seems best translation to Sylvan Library in effect, but you bottom the cards and can only keep one.

  41. Big thanks to the Professor for squinting through all the Yu-Gi-Oh card text! How do you guys think he did? 😆
    Now watch us react to Magic the Gathering cards!

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