Making Card Games Cooperative is Chaos | Across the Obelisk -

Making Card Games Cooperative is Chaos | Across the Obelisk

Rimmy Downunder
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A big thanks to Paradox Arc for today’s sponsorship. Click the link to check the game out and support the channel:

Man, going into this I wasn’t certain if a co-op card game would work well or if it would just feel like a gimmick added in, but the game really nails it thanks to how complex each deck and each card can be. It feels like a late-stage Hearthstone dungeon but played by four players, and I’m quite the fan of those. Hope you all enjoyed!

00:00 Intro
01:12 First Adventures
07:20 The Grand Adventure
36:16 Finale

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  1. That “old man” voice sounded like Boomi the Earth Kingdom King, from Avatar the Last Airbender

  2. Rimmy do you play DnD or any other TTRPGs cuz that would be fun to watch

  3. Good work Rimmy-Downunder maybe continue this someother time love you guys

  4. you guys singing "bones in the ocean" at 4:10 while facing certain doom was the highlight of this video

  5. War just subscribes to my theory of be the ultimate chuck of lead and do no damage

  6. anyone else read "lord Hanshek" as "lord hamshank" the first time?

  7. I’m adding that goblin to my next DnD campaign. Best NPC

  8. Wouldn't mind seeing more of this! A really fun looking game.

  9. This looks like fun. Got to find some friends to play this with

  10. Do we just click on the link then buy the game, or is there a code to enter somewhere?

  11. Rimmy's character voices remind me of Matt Mercer's for some reason. I guess it's the "strong regional accent from an unspecified region of the British Isles" xD

  12. welp, they chose a good guy to sponsor because i just finished watching and now the game is in my steam collection

  13. Come on rimmy you know if a dog makes a noise in a vid you have to put a image of the dog

  14. Rimmy tried to Spiffing Brit the game, and failed. Don't feel bad Rimmy, it was a good attempt

  15. Right off the bat, Joel Haver and Chocolate Rain references. These are my people.

    Edit: 7:58 AND YOU KNOW PYRION FLAX? Small world, holy shit

  16. When's the next round of the Arma Olympics ? Or was that something you just were streaming?

  17. 31:00
    Idk why, but music reminds me of Lothrien tracks from War of The Ring.

  18. You guys went and Tried to get the Once Piece.

  19. Did 4 of you guys had to pay for the game or only one

  20. Not gonna lie. I didn't expect to see a PARADOX INTERACTIVE card game. Much less expect to see a GOOD one at that. Holy shit

  21. Hey Rimmy, have you ever tried slash heard of Library of Ruina? Korean anime-esque card game set in a dystopian cyberpunk megacity after an apocalypse caused by SCPs beginning to manifest in random places

  22. you guys should have tried the 4 healers strat as one of the healers can do way to much damage

  23. I got this game for myself and my friends. When we got to the first boss, it ended with all of us screaming some variation of "Kill it!" While laughing our asses off as we rapidly died off. In the end, only the healer survived that fight. What a terribly glorious shit show this game is.

  24. The fellas starting to sing Bones in the Ocean was great

    Now when's the full cover

  25. I actually managed to finish the final area, final boss and all. It was fun, but man was it torture at points. I think I had to retry the final boss about 80 times. Most of those times he just one shot my entire team out of nowhere. Without spoiling too much there's also a weird gimmick around the end. I thought it was a bit neat but it rapidly got annoying. I could go into more detail but that's a rough summary of the end.

  26. Was this on a livestream? Cause I'm literally bout to get on your twitch vods to watch

  27. Hey Rimmy, I just wanted to say thanks for showing me this game even though I suck at it I'm completely addicted and honestly it's like the highlight of my day is coming home to play this now.

  28. Pig cult: Having their weekly meeting

    Rimmy & co.: FBI! OPEN UP!

  29. I hope they come back to this game and play again, great video

  30. how does a bead get lost in the mail??????

  31. Games like this are real dope
    Goblinz Studio has such interesting games even if they have issues
    we need more more more

  32. Please, please do more of this at some point. This was fucking golden mate

  33. "One more run and I'm done." >30 minutes left

  34. If this supports modding, this could do bretty good

  35. I watched you played this first and I loved it, watched others play it to see if I get the same laughs but NO, holy shit people are so incompetent they don't read the card details, they upgrade at random and their healer decided to get rid of all their healing and omg I need fo watch this to wash my eyes

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