Making Money From Steam Booster Packs & Trading Card Games -

Making Money From Steam Booster Packs & Trading Card Games

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Cheap steam trading card games can actually make you a decent amount of money if you buy the right ones. They drop booster packs when people make badges.


  1. 200iq play, the final part was pretty funny 😄

  2. im not sure with how many people want to buy or sell these kinds of booster packs.

  3. Good video man. I'm trying to level up. Just downloaded the idle master today and ran into an issue where it doesn't idle for drops after the initial set come from the game. (bought the additional cards to complete the set, then made badges) I read in the faq that I can make up to 5 badges for each game, but I'd rather get some of them for free again. Do you know of a workaround for this? Or maybe a more efficient leveling method.

  4. crafting badges worth it? Hentai games makes the most money so funny 🙂 How much Money you made

  5. So in order to make a few cents here or there you need to spend a ton of money in the first place.
    And the money that you make you spend again in steam?
    Great, well done.
    If you had spent a fraction of that time or money in an actual investment (like crypto or shares) you'd be much better off

  6. So if if you really want steam money you either sell your soul to csgo and unturned, or you can buy a bunch of hentai games.

  7. can't you refund the game you spent with real money and then buy it with your steam wallet cash

  8. the way he talks is like small burst of super fast speach lol

  9. So, 😐 steam wallet only 😐 so a waste of time

  10. I've been on steam for 11 years and I've never received a booster pack and I am lvl 43

  11. hey bro thx for the turret terminator packs xD

  12. I wounder if you made 600$ off of this if the irs would want taxes from it

  13. I mean its something but there are much better ways to make money on steam

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