Making the IMPOSSIBLE in a Card Game -

Making the IMPOSSIBLE in a Card Game

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Hearthstone is one of the biggest card games in the world, and they have made some awesome cards but nothing compares to Zephrys

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Angry Chicken Podcast Video:

00:00 The Rise of Digital Card Games
00:51 The Impossible Card
01:55 How does this card work
04:27 The History of this Card
06:07 What this card means

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Rarran, RegisKillbin, Zeddy and other hearthstone youtubers all play different hs gamemodes. Duels, Battlegrounds, Standard, Arena and Wild are in the game that can new cards from new expansions to climb and win HS games.
Hearthstone is a card game based on WOW, it is also a digital card game.


  1. This card is the best idea ever. Every game shuold have a Zephrys. I d love to have a single Zephrys in my magic edh game

  2. Haven't watched yet but shudderwock or yogg would be so impossible in real card games lol

  3. Yeah zephrys was supposed to be the best card. Except when he can't give you a mass dispell to win a game

  4. Great video! I always wondered how Zephrys worked.

  5. I agree, incredibly cool card. And a very good video (as per usual) to go along with it. Thanks! 🙂

  6. I like your videos, but I miss when you would review the new cards. I really like to hear your point of view 🙂

  7. I can remember Zephrys failing me by trying to give me lethal by giving my Ragnaros windfury…

  8. i Fucking hate zephrys, i hate playing against him, i hate playing him, and he never gets me the freaking card i need…. I love the video though.

  9. So today we didn't look fantastic. I guess that's our turn to say that you look fantastic, lol.

  10. zephyrs is so much easier in real life. you play it, you call the cards name, you get it. it would be 1000000% better than zephyrs

  11. Imagine this in MtG Arena, not only is the game already buggy but they don't have a consistent core card pool either.

  12. Zephyrys is interesting card as it's something that can be applied to digital card game only. More of this please!

  13. The timing of this video, I was playing Tavern Brawl for this week that has Zephrys mechanic with the whole wishes

  14. Zeph is my favourite card right after Jan'alai

  15. I'll never forget that one time, facing a rez priest, I had a solid board and 7 taunts for the opponent. I played it with 6 mana, so I expected a mass silence for 4 mana. Nope… I lost the game.

  16. I used Zephrys to wish for the perfect video and here it is. Love the updated editing style (also what are you going to have for dinner? )

  17. Remember playing tons of Higlander decks the time Zephrys was in Standar, how I miss the old Zeph.

  18. This card is just Blizzard admitting that it uses RNG as an excuse. But in reality they already know who's gonna win and who's gonna lose from the beginning of the game.

    And F** Reno Decks !!!

  19. I'm surprised ptcgo and Pokemon had a little clip in here haha

  20. A loved Zephrys. I wish he'd come back every now and then. He was incredibly fun.

  21. Fantastic content, Rarran 💚

    But why isn't Zephyrus in most of the decks?

  22. The smarter then most players joke rly cracked me up 😂

  23. I thought the video was about making a board that would make Zaphyres confused lol

  24. Zephrys doesn't give perfect card right now cause he doesn't have cards from new expansions(for example he doesn't gonna give you druid ramp for 4 mana that gains you 2 empty mana crystals which is actually pretty powerful)

  25. Rarran, you doing alright? I'd love another state of the channel update, just want to know you're doing well.

  26. You should do a video where you rate the set based on the flavored text

    Mabye as a collab?

  27. So what happens when Zephrys and Yogg meet in a bar?

  28. Nbr knew most cards had 11 lines of code good to know

  29. If you think about it, it's easy to understand why Zephrys isn't machine learning: if his card pool was always updated, machine learning would be the way to go. Hundreds of lines of code for each new set of cards just isn't feasible and would probably even affect performance. But Zephrys' card pool is relatively "small" and never-changing, so it wasn't really necessary a more sophisticated approach. With this being said, I can also understand why he still amounts to hundreds of code lines 😀 No set of 3 cards you discover are locked, that alone makes means more lines of code. The amount of scenarios the program has to consider is proof of dedication of Hearthstone's team. A really fun card you indeed can't have in a real-world card game, at least in such a practical manner.

  30. I always wished Zephrys would have used machine learning to calculate the best card.

  31. Great idea, still fails to give you the best card in some circustances

  32. I really loved Zephrys .. my favourite HS card oat .. but he annoyed me at one part: I really enjoyed playing Druid at that time and there i always wanted to play Lucentbark .. but the existence of Zephrys killed that deck ( and probably other fun decks too ) because the opponent could just wait to get Mass Dispel with it and completly rek your strategy or well just win the game.

  33. My god how i miss this card,
    I think i have almost exclusively played highlander decks ever since he came out.
    And after he was gone i felt something is missing from hearthstone 🙁

  34. Zephrys is awesome, indeed.

  35. Ok… this needs to be a series. Jarraxus becoming a hero, Deathstalker Rexxar, Yogg, C’Thun, Shudd…

  36. The guy who designed zephrys kind of looks like zephrys lol

  37. Zephyrs drag all the development, and let other improvements with lag kkkk

  38. Nah that was just another card that enabled bad players to make mistakes and win the game ,it didnt take any skill to use.

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