Marvel Champions: The Card Game Review - with Tom Vasel -

Marvel Champions: The Card Game Review – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the new Marvel LCG fromFantasy Flight Games where heroes are trying to stop villains evil schemes!

00:00 – Introduction
01:46 – Game overview
11:12 – Final thoughts

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  1. Great review as always. Not 100% convinced yet however will try it for sure. Looks more like Sentinels of the Multiverse but with deckbuilding.

  2. Where's the component drop????

    Dice tower quality is degrading

  3. Can't get into the mechanics of this game … I feel like the overall weak mechanics don't fit the theme
    But I'm also not into the Marvel Theme

  4. Surprised with how strong the reviews have been elsewhere (Rahdo, Drive Thru, One Stop Coop Shop, Gameboy Geek) that Dice Tower reviews of it have been just seal of approvals.

  5. Great interaction between Roy and Tom. I loved how you played off each other. Great review.

  6. Huge fan of LOTR LCG, and have invested heavily into it. My main gripe, is the "NEED" to purchase 2-3 core sets just to get a full playset of the core cards with LCG's for deck building purposes. Wonder Is this the same issue here, or has FFG decided to not be extremely greedy this time around?

    Edit: Well Roy pretty much answered my question here, and glad to hear it since it's $60 MSRP(compared to $40 for previous LCG'S). Looking at the expansion releases, it seems Hero and villain/scenarios are split at about $15 a pop. This will definitely get pricey really quick for those that want more longevity. Think I will pass on this one

  7. Not for me – I prefer the LOTR theme and I didn't even go in for that one. The LCG model has yet to get to me!

  8. I like Roy. He's a welcomed addition. also, This game is sweet! I got my copy on Friday!

  9. I disagree, this looks more like Sentinels of the Multiverse than Arkham Horror LCG (haven't played LotR LCG so I don't know about that).

  10. Legendary is a great game that I love playing solo. This looks really interesting, but I'm completely heart broken that Captain America and Thor were not in the base box of the game. That just seemed like a no brainer. I'm glad that Captain America will be coming out, but Thor better be on the horizon soon or else!

  11. I love Roy getting more involved in screen! Great review guys!

  12. Funny enough the lack of story and narrative was a big plus for me. I love games like the Arkham Horror LCG, but it doesn't feel like a card game. It feels like a board game with cards instead of a board. Arkham can take a long time to set up, feel bloated with special mechanics and big blocks of text.

    Marvel Champions actually feels like a card game, where turns are fast and concise and you're firing off card combos, setting up future combos, or deciding to take one for the team to get rid of threat or a particularly nasty minion.

    Very fun game, I still have a ton of content I haven't played in the box and I already can't wait for even more content and options.

  13. FFG FINAAAAALLY Dropping their SOOOO SUUUUCCCH ANNOYIIIING MONEY MAKING CORESET POLICY !!! That's such a great news ! (was it that difficult mister FFG ? Was it really ?)

    i'm still just wondering how they will make the "Second personnality" of characters like "rocket racoon" "Thor" as … they're just what they are ! wich is : Rocket Racoon and Thor !

    So… I don't know… Maybe they'll just have one side with two different "posture" or stuff the like…

    As a big of Aeon's end, i hope this "kind of AE" game is going to be as good as all the hype says it…

    Hopefully, Thanos is going to come soon as a fun and strong challenge as he as always been one of my favorite vilain out there with… well… Cthulhu and Darth Bane ! ^_^

    One thing for sure, with a license like marvel… FFG is going to reach their Success peak with this one !

  14. How about a comparison to Sentinels of the Multiverse? Seems similar to that

  15. Marvel Legendary is not a cooperative game, it's competitive. Only Legendary Encounters are coop.

  16. Are there "hindrances" to prevent heroes from doing anything (gaining tech, switching to alteregos, limiting attack/defense, etc)?

  17. I'd like to play, but I can't get into that artwork.

  18. I feel like this is a money sink… kinda like Ashes by plaidhat games; which never got played and I just kept collecting lol.

  19. I enjoy the onscreen chemistry/synergy between Tom and Roy.

  20. Still wish they would have focused on a 1 vs. many asymmetrical play with one player playing the villain. I suppose you can still do that and I wonder if the 3 different difficulty levels are somewhat indicative of playing against 1, 2, or 3 different heroes?

  21. I got hit by the toxic gamer base before the game even hit shelves. I was on the fence about the game, asking questions through the FFG forums about how many players are truly supported by one copy of the game, which would help me decide whether or not to buy it, and the die-hards lashed out at me over and over again, pummeling me with the same stupid arguments over and over again because I didn't 100% agree with them. (Seriously, a moderator had to step in and shut down the thread.) So I don't ever want this game anywhere near me.

  22. How does it compare to Sentinels of the Multiverse?

  23. Dominic el tercero y los mundos del frikismo says:

    You have everything you need to play with 4 characters with the base game? You sure this is from fantasy flight?

  24. Man, blow your nose before recording. talking talking talking, quick snotty intake of air through nose, repeat

    Also, "T-Kaw-Law"? Come on man. 2:57

  25. How would you compare this to Sentinels of the Multiverse? I have yet to play a superhero game that is more thematic than SotM.

  26. I'm sensing a Sentinels of the Multiverse-vibe with a Twist here, ayt! To the cart.

  27. So does this mean Legendary no longer has the Marvel license and will no longer see expansions for it?

  28. Great review, thumb down for the fedora.

  29. Ill buy if they release a set based on 90s xmen.

  30. How different is this game to Sentinels of the Multiverse?

  31. Tom! Don't forget to compare this game to Sentinels of the Multiverse as well! You know it deserves a place at the table during the comparison video. 👍

  32. “I love co-op…just not with other people”
    If you don’t want to play the game with other people then isn’t it a bad co-op?

  33. So basically it's very similar to Sentinels of the Multiverse.

  34. What a Fantasy Flight game that is basically a copy of one of their older games with a diff skin? Say it ain't so. Their entire business model has been rehashing the same few games over and over.

  35. I understand some people are very busy and have a lot of priorities, this isn't directed at those people. I just want to know why so many gamers want to blow through games fast? I watch a lot of review videos, people always say the max amount of players is not fun because it's too long. Do you always have to be shuffling cards or making moves to enjoy the game? down time can be a lot of fun too, especially if it's a co op game imo.

  36. and they havent even started to make the vilians playable yet XD this will go on for some years. i really hope they will add a lot of story. otherwise people will stop with it very quickly.

  37. I feel like he purposely said T'Challa name wrong….. interesting game though .

  38. Not sure why this is being compared to Legendary. They are Completely different games in just about every way except theme and the fact that they both have cards.

  39. Can someone explain to me why this is priced so high? I see it for sale in the 55 – 70 euro range. Where i feel like it should be more in the 35-40 range looking at what is in the box. Is this a Living card game thing or something?

  40. These LCG's seem like a rip-off. Think of how many incredible games we can get for $50 that don't require a ton of expansions to reach the full potential. Been looking at this but thinking it's a pass. Too many good card games and board games to justify the cost here. Should have been far more characters in the box.

  41. Would love to play this game but my boys are just 5 and 7. Maybe in 3-4 years we can play. For now we will stick with Marvel Battleworlds.

  42. This is basically sentinels of the multiverse with a marvel reskin. I love marvel and sentinels so I have always wanted to get it.

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