MARVEL SNAP | Official Announcement & Gameplay First Look -

MARVEL SNAP | Official Announcement & Gameplay First Look

Marvel Entertainment
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The fastest card battler in the Multiverse! Assemble your MARVEL dream team in this action-packed 1v1 multiplayer collectible card game coming to Mobile and PC.

Visit to sign-up for the limited closed beta on Android or to get the latest news on when MARVEL SNAP will be available in your region.

Original music track by Moore Kismet

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  1. Wheres the rap video Brode? Cmon out with it

  2. another gacha pay to win took you 4 years …. just give us back Omega.

  3. Kinda looks like the card game "cue cards, universe and everything" except without turns

  4. I need these characters and models in an action game like Guardians or Spiderman (or Avengers without SquareEnix's microtransaction bullsh1t)

  5. can't wait for the beta to be downloadable

  6. This is Smash Up, but with Marvel actually…

  7. I liked the game until I saw Galactus and realized it was a card game.

  8. You know, Teppen also has a similar idea of both players sharing the same turns.

    When's Snap vs Teppen?

  9. BEN ?!! He's the one behind Hearhstone ,this going to be the game !

  10. Mexican Chavez , forced token iron woman, iron man knock off black Panthers and baby token characters. Yup I'm out on this cringe fest

  11. marvel trying to copy the dc multiverse game? but instead of a fighting game, a card game in the purest pay-to-win style? full of loot boxes? bro

  12. looks interesting and fun, love the art a lot!

  13. well looksl ike a cashsow to me and jezz that railer .. comon respect the comics a lil bit .. no doombot is so easy to kill…..

  14. Let’s gooooooo🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  15. this looks okay, i'll give it a try. But when i saw it was a card game, i was hoping it'd be almost like the Marvel Champions card game. This seems like a cool take on a card game, buuuuuuut i dunno how well it'll play. TCG's usually have meta's and i hate having to form a deck a specific way just to win. hopefully it's fairly balanced that way it gives players way more choices than having to play just 4 or 5 different decks.

  16. bro alr know that this is gonna be good as long as pvp is balanced an they regularly add cards an don't make to hard to get them.

  17. being able to play this on something like a console is wicked to me.

  18. and I agree I love some of these 3d art for the cards it just works so well

  19. dude this game seems really good wtf

  20. Some of you really need to give card games a chance

  21. When can we get another great marvel game instead of all these card games lol.

  22. More mobile free 2 play micro transaction filled garbage, great…do something creative marvel. All i see is greed greed and more greed.

  23. I'll play it just because Ben Brode is amazing

  24. This is gonna be absolutely huge
    like buy Disney stock huge

  25. This looks like Marvel Battle lines that was shut down years ago. Like exactly the same.

  26. Eh, the monetization looks dodgy already. Lotsa grind, cards from time-limited events, paid exclusivity for early access to some cards. RiP

    They said it won't be P2W because you won't be able to buy power straight up, only cosmetics, but seeing how upgrading your cards unlocks more cards leaves me concerned that there'll be roundabout ways of buying power or cards with real money, anyway.

  27. hahahaha spiderman is the best and america chavez combo

  28. Marvel,,needs to get inside the blockchain very quickly, and Metaverse, play to earn superhero NFTs, get into it quickly🥰?

  29. I love Ben brode, I love marvel, I love card games – could be time to start playing competitively again

  30. I really think calling it Marvel Snap, a two word formed title, is a mistake that Marvel keeps making, because it thinks the Marvel name sells better. I feel like a catchy one word title would work better and in favor for the game.

    Adding Marvel to the title is irrelevant and makes it feel cheap. You already know it's Marvel when you look up the game.

    If they couldn't have just called it Snap, which would have worked tremendously in its favor, in my opinion, they should have went a different route.

    Every time the game is referred to as Marvel Snap will eventually become tiresome and people will think "alright, we get it, it's Marvel's game!". It could have instead been "hey, what a Snap play!".

    It also separates it from being a household name like Hearthstone. When people think Hearthstone, that's it. There's no Blizzard or Team 5. It's Hearthstone, man! It isn't Nintendo's Pokemon, it's Pokemon! It just is. Have faith in the game and give it its own identity.

  31. Бен, какой марвел? Вернись в картишки Porosad

  32. Why was Ben Riley Scarlet Spider shown as Spiderman? What am missing?

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