May I? (How to Play Our Favorite Card Game) -

May I? (How to Play Our Favorite Card Game)

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How to Play Our Favorite Card Game – We play “May I” as a family all the time. we hope you enjoy playing it with your friends and family too with this step-by-step tutorial.

All of our videos are closed captioned and always family friendly.

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  1. I’d LOVE to know more game tutorials, cold be a fun series for you guys to do

  2. if the cutter makes a perfect cut and gives everyone 50 points then someone collects all the cards to place them all down at once to go out in the same round do you also double the 50 points??

    and if you go out in a round and at the beginning of the round the cutter has given everyone 50 points does the person who went out (if not the cutter) still get 50 points? cool game! i agree with people it is similar to phase 10 😉

  3. This is such a fun quarantine video. To help people staying safe at home have a fun new game to play together!

  4. "even Parker can play it…" Me a 24 year old adult 👁️👄👁️

  5. I NEED PEOPLE TO PLAY CARDS WiiiiiTH I am very overdue for a few hundred games of euchre/13 Gin! 😭😭😭


  6. i would love to watch more Family Game Night videos!! (I mean I watch every video anyways…but I LOVE games!)

  7. So if u put 1234 of spades can someone else put King Queen on it????

  8. We played the game tonight and loved it. We do have a question….what happens if two people say “may I”? Who gets the card?

  9. You can take trip to Leavenworth Washington

  10. Can anybody steal a card when somebody says May I, or only the current player? And if somebody says May I, but somebody decides to steal it, does that person also have to take a second card from the deck?

  11. This is just like Phase 10. Its a game you can buy and it has pretty much these same instructions. My friends and I have been playing this same game but we call it okie rummie!

  12. Sorry if this question has already been answered, but there’s so many comments to scroll through. When can someone say no to someone’s “may I”? Do they just have to pick the top card of the discard pile up themselves? Or do they have to be able to play it right away by laying their cards down?

  13. I love watching people play through games so it would be awesome if you guys did that! Also, I would love more game tutorials, especially ones that can be played with only two players!

  14. I love you’re family you’re kids are so cute and bayley is so beautiful

  15. I’m really sorry but I just don’t get it could you possibly flip or live stream your game because I do want to try it with my family

  16. This game is named “Continental” in my country

  17. the boys did so well in teaching this game

  18. I have a question, are the other players allowed to see your cards? ily btw

  19. Does anyone else play a similar game called Steal? I can’t remember the exact rules but it has a slightly different twist on the “May I” aspect of the game

  20. Can you do a hands on game, so we can see the way you play too.

  21. This is very similar to Shanghai! It’s another rummy based round objective game with no player limit, just add more decks of cards!

  22. I play a game very similar called “school”

  23. This is like Rummy and Phase 10 had another little sibling haha

  24. We play this in England. We call it knockedy knock. So when a player wants a card, we knock on the table. Whoever knocks closest to the dealer in turn order receives the cards

  25. This is pretty much the same as five crowns

  26. oh so this sounds like phase 10! i love that game!

  27. Kind of a cool twist of Phase 10. What a fun game

  28. If you May I? and the person says no and takes the card, does it count towards you number of May I's for the round?

  29. I love it! This game reminds me of Phase 10!

  30. Stopped following when you started talking about card cutting

  31. Really awesome video! I've been playing "May I?" since the late 1970s with a few differences from your version. Your version has some interesting things and twists that the version I learned and grew up playing do not. Still would like to maybe try out this version with these new set of rules with my family some time just to see how it goes. The 7 hands are exactly the same (2 sets) then (1 run 1 set), the 4 in a row we call a "run". The way we play it, Aces can only be low in the run (A, 2, 3, 4) and not (J, Q, K, A). And yet with Aces only being able to be low in a set, they are worth 20 points each when you're stuck with them. We use all 4 Jokers, each one is 50 points, tens and face cards are all ten points and any cards 2 – 9 are 5 points each. But I really love this variation on the game, especially if a player goes out in their hand having everybody else's points be worth double!

  32. Do you have to have a card to throw out at the completion of your game . E.g at the 7 round the person who wins the round should have 3 four sets and a card to throw out?

  33. Hi, Ballinger family…I love your instructions for playing…I used to play but after some time I had forgotten how, so your instructions were excellent. I have a question: if we play with 3 people, how many cards does everyone get? Four people? Five people?…thank you again

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