McDonald's Happy Meal Toy 4 GO MICKEY Card Game from Walt Disney World Mickey & Friends -

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy 4 GO MICKEY Card Game from Walt Disney World Mickey & Friends

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This is a full deck of cards and there are total of 52 cards. You can play any game with this deck just as any other deck. This is the Mickey & Friends edition of deck, and it comes with instructions to play. You can twist the game around as you play and create your own game. Nice set of cards from McDonald’s.
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  2. É muito incrível esse baralho aí de Mickey Mouse

  3. But how do you play Solitaire with this deck?? I mean there are four different colors. In a regular deck there are for sets but 2 sets are black (the spades and the clover) and 2 sets are red (the diamond). For the Disney deck which colors correspond to the regular deck. Are the red and pink cards the diamond and heart cards I assume and the green ones the black?

  4. There is a rumour where they are still arguing over who won

  5. I got a Mickey and Friends poster. Nice artwork on your Happy Meal Box. Mine is red with a smile, but I love that. And nice the boxes can be folded and put away for later and play with them again. Happy Meals never let anyone down.

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