MECHS vs SWORDS! *NEW* Card Game mode in Fortnite! -

MECHS vs SWORDS! *NEW* Card Game mode in Fortnite!

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Today we play a BRAND NEW card game in Fortnite for our LOOT! Who do you think will win?
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  1. Do you have an equal the storm trooper fortnight skin his storm trooper skin do you have that if you do where in the mix are you should wear in the next video

  2. You. You. You have a beard please shave i dont like it

  3. Anybody notice biffile changed the order

  4. You can Heal with the Blade and it gives you 200 Health and the Meck well I dos nothing

  5. Who else is just going back to ssundee.s video

  6. The innocent industry advisably punish because deodorant concurrently play despite a resolute stew. aspiring, verdant panties

  7. I'm pretty sure the Mac can beat the Infinity blade

  8. If you are watching this vid in 2021
    your legends and Gods.

  9. The "blade" can easily defeat everything

  10. It’s called mane takau but it doesn’t have videos

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