Meet the Best Scarlet & Violet Card Yet #shorts -

Meet the Best Scarlet & Violet Card Yet #shorts

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A new Iono Supporter card was recently revealed! This Iono card is set to release in Japan’s Clay Burst set, as well more than likely in the international Scarlet & Violet – Paldea Evolved set. Let’s check out what this new Iono card does.

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  1. I'm dreading seeing the price of the full art version 😢

  2. Vivian, the (Unnoficial) Card Draw Monarch says:

    Honestly. I kinda wished the actual N returned. Like, bottom deck shuffles are so annoying for me. Having to remember not to do normal shuffles is so frustrating (actual N would also mean my old N cards could be played again and the full art version wouldn't undergo Waifu Tax so that's also a plus)

  3. Why did they have to bring back N I’m already getting flashbacks to some unfortunate draws

  4. My wallet is ready to buy packs of S/V for Iono and other art gallery trainers ♥️♥️♥️

    this effect basically is what make soft control (like some zoro weres) strong
    because they usually they have a slow start to grow even strong at the end

  6. I know alot of people hated N and I had my moments where I couldn't stand it but I think the card was actually good for the game when it came out. This card, though, is going to be great for the game with it shifting to this slower format and will assist decks like gardevior to help ease the early game pressure for things like lugia or lost box. It's gonna be an insane card, it could also make some of these other draw ability pokemon more viable (revravroom) . Completely stoked for this card!

  7. Love how you edit your shorts ❤

  8. At least we can enjoy life without marnie for a brief moment 😅

  9. I do not get the hype behind this card. Marnie seems better in the early game, and Roxanne seems better in the late game.

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