Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights -

Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights

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  1. Let’s go Buffalo that was amazing game

  2. Dre / What A Time 2 Be Alive America LLC says:


  3. This was the most formidable Dolphins team I have seen in the playoffs in decades.

  4. Bills are weak fake record they not good at all weak defense!!

  5. during the game the clock didnt stop when they went out of bounds so idk if there is a new rule for it but just noticed that was weird

  6. Mike mcdork is the worst time manager I have ever seen..not only that but his play calling is horrible ..this team is a good quarterback and a good head coach away from being real contenders..McDaniel is just garbage..

  7. We got cheated out of a wildcard win. We stopped the blue balls from attaining the new 1st down set. And they claimed the ball made it within the new downs line. It didnt. And the best part, they DID NOT show it on camera foe the televisiom broadcaster stream.
    Because they knew the ball was short of the 1st down line. That's okay, we got your number now you Buffalo wimps.

  8. That was a loss for this Bills tbh because Miami's been trash since forever and they near had them🤣

  9. Hi. (God created all things. His son, Jesus, died to forgive us of all wrong doing via his unbreakable red blood. He rose to life 3 days later.)

  10. we gone be back next season and we taking it home!🐬🐬

  11. It’s great to be a Michigan wolverine it’s great to be a Michigan wolverine❤

  12. Tercer books you needs get on that field book to win 🥇 start now

  13. That's we lose fair and square but we coming back next season

  14. As a fins fan I’m surprised QB3 skylar nearly had it won and not surprised of a 1st round exit but damn fins finna do something special next season that’s for sure fins up 🐬

  15. The dolphins win the game 3rd quarterback have nothing to feel bad about the season be least made a playoff

  16. It’s Gonna be a different story this year I promise you that

  17. That last play to geisiki hit him in the face mask .kelce or kittle makes that catch

  18. Where wilson got that first down it looked like edmunds let him.. Fixed

  19. Between Seattle and Miami going into the playoffs I thought both would be blown out

  20. This shows you about McDaniels/Shanahans System works even with average quarterback s

  21. Buffalo is done, i say they finish 3rd in the divison this year.

  22. Dolphins almost one with a third-string rookie QB 😮

  23. Gabe Davis
    9 targets
    6 receptions
    113 receiving yards
    1 receiving touchdown
    17.3 Fantasy Points!

  24. God, Tony Romo had to wipe his chin off after that game, I don't think Allen had any fluids left in his body after 4 hours of that.

  25. At 2:29 Hill was wide open on the slant. Sad Thompson missed it.

  26. Smh.I knew the Dolphins weren't going to win.The league couldn't let the Bills lose at home to the Fins.Leave that for next week

  27. This game should have been a blowout the bills did everything to almost give this game away . From dropped passes to poor tackling.

  28. The fact Miami stayed in this game with a 3rd string is insane shows you the Dolphins have a bright future and contend with any QB at the helm excited to see what they do this upcoming season with a healthy Tua and newly acquired Cam Smith, Achane, and Jalen Ramsey

  29. Thompson almost did a Tua when he replaced Hurts at Alabama as a rookie after the half winning it his dad should be really proud Thompson kept his confidence up and he just gave it his all

  30. I saw the Bills had a 33 yard touchdown

  31. This hame definitely shows skylar Thompson has a good future. He looks like a decent backup and can develop

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