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Minecraft Card Games w/ Fundy, WadZee, SystemZee, & PhoenixSC

Phoenix SC
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The card game played in this video is “Cheat”. Players take turns placing cards face-down, announcing what they placed. Cards must connect rank (e.g., if 10 is placed, the next card must be a 9, 10, or Jack). You may lie, but if you’re caught, you pick up all the cards. The first player to discard their hand wins. It is a game of bluff.

Download “Minecraft Playing Cards”:
*The cards can be used to play almost anything. Check the commands to learn more.


The playing cards used in this video were graciously designed and provided by Nadia Mayer.

YouTubers featured in this video:

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#Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks, developed by Mojang. That is all.

Outro music: Silent Partner – Sad Past

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  1. this game is actually called "bullshit" and its really fun when youre not a kid friendly child predator bruh

  2. Why does Cheat remind me of UNO

  3. How TF did I missed this Video?! This is probaly the best collab i've ever seen in the english Minecraft channels I watch.

  4. Im still confused at what fundy did with his cpu

  5. the name of the game that they did not say is BS if you don't understand don't ask and it does not mean Brawl Stars

  6. I know when I played this game the card placed had to be the exact next card in the deck. Doing the same or previous cards does add strategy, but it's really just more chances to have the card.

  7. i would love to play a game with pheonix, espeacially cheat, it’s my fav card game,

  8. Me:fundy and phoenix are great friends

    Me: it’s sad that fundy is not here

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