MLB | 2019 NL Wild Card Game Highlights (MIL vs WSH) -

MLB | 2019 NL Wild Card Game Highlights (MIL vs WSH)

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The 2019 National League Wild Card Game.
Washington Nationals 4, Milwaukee Brewers 3

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  1. the Nationals are gonna choke in the NLDS, just like they always do…..

  2. I’m a dbacks fan and I want to express this chant to the Nationals

    Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!

  3. As an European, it’s nice to see the highlights already up in the morning !

  4. Fck the Brewers from a Big Milwaukee fan and resident. I’m so sick of you rallying at the end only to shit the bed when it really counts.

  5. it sure sounded like these announcers were rooting for the Nationals

  6. This comeback reminds me of a 2014 Royals-esque vibe….

  7. Those people in the seats managed to do a pretty good impression of baseball fans; for one night they put away their damn cell phones from time to time to actually watch a baseball game, unlike during the season.

  8. Like either one of them would spend a chance with the Dodgers

  9. I'm in shock. I cannot believe the Brewers choked so hard.


  11. A love the national commentator one of the best in baseball

  12. This is exactly why I love the MLB Postseason!!!!! Also thanks Exe for the fast upload.👍

  13. Congrats to the Nationals for one hell of a comeback from a lifelong Cubs fan. If you manage to make it all the way it’ll be a feeling I can’t even describe.

  14. I thought the nationals were the chokers…… Well they still have never won a actual series, and I doubt that they will beat the dodgers. They will have a game 5, be winning 3-0, and choke it on the bottom of the ninth

  15. Hey. I am a astors fan. But good on Washington

  16. 3 straight games, 3 straight leads late into the game, 3 straight losses for the Brewers. If they won those games, their season would still be happening, ether because they won game 163, or they'd be playing the Dodgers in the NLDS.

  17. I have been a life-long Brewers fan. I have recently come to accept that I will never see them in the World Series.

  18. First ever elimination game win in Washington Nationals history, and second ever elimination game win in franchise history.

  19. The Wild Card is a 1 game elimination. Im Happy for Nats but i dont consider this a series win. This is just a game you need to win to get yourself into the playoff series and here in this first round is where the Nats need to get over the hump. If they go out in this round now coming up then its no different then any other first round exit they had every year and lets face it they are probably not beating the Dodgers!!!

  20. Can we get an f in the chat for Grisham

  21. Is this why they call it a wildcard? Wild

  22. God I hate the nationals. But it was so funny seeing the brew crew choke. Smh. Can't believe I was rooting for those fools.

  23. For all the experts on MLB Network and people that think the nats will upset the dodgers. May I ask. Are you a moron?

  24. I was there as a brew fan man was it disappointing

  25. "They got Soto hung up, they tag him out, but nobody in this joint cares!"

  26. It’s gonna be disappointing for nats fans they get so excited winning a wild card game yet they’ll still be unable to make it past the second round either getting swept or choking another game 5

  27. Great win. Great comeback. All just to get pummelled by the dodgers

  28. Have fun going against the dogers that will be hard to win

  29. This is the wild card should be best of three games, Milwaukee outplayed Washington, but an error on a bad hop decides the series without a second chance, come on.

  30. I'm just gonna say something this wild card game was really wild

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