MLB | Forgotten Classics #6 - 2017 NL Wild Card Game (COL vs ARZ) -

MLB | Forgotten Classics #6 – 2017 NL Wild Card Game (COL vs ARZ)

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2017 National League Wild Card Game
Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks.

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  1. Best game I’ve been to, place went nuts after Archie’s triple.

  2. As a Rockies fan I for sure try to forget this game

  3. Thanks for the upload. The atmosphere in the game was electric!

  4. You should do game 2 of 2014 ALDS with the Deleon young double

  5. 2004 NLCS Game 6. Or hell, the whole series is a forgotten classic due to the Red Sox 3-0 comeback getting all the attention.

  6. I’m Pittsburgh Pirates Fan, don’t ask says:

    Stupid wild card lol

  7. Dodgers vs. Nationals Game 5 2016 please. Most underrated game of the past decade.

  8. I was at this game. Best sporting event I've ever been to. Unreal atmosphere! That place went absolutely bonkers when Archie hit that triple.

  9. As a Dodger fan, I was excited for this game because no matter who won, they were going to get swept by the Dodgers thanks to the winner's depleted pitching staff

  10. fr 2012 yankees orioles alds game 3 sorry I been saying it too much but still

  11. This game was a fucking disgrace.

    The dbags were caught stealing signs and even admitted to it but the pussy asshole commissioner did not do a damn thing about it.

    The owners need to do a no confidence vote and get the asshole out of there.

  12. I was at this game. I’ll never forget how loud it was when Bradley hit that triple.

  13. If only they played this well in the NLDS. It doesn't make sense because the Diamondbacks pretty much dominated the Dodgers in the regular season. I never expected them to beat the Dodgers but they could have least pushed a game 5.

  14. Damn this was a classic. Best team of the Goldschmidt era.

  15. It’s not a classic it was a mediocre game

  16. This game demonstrated to me that, as long as we must have wild cards at all, this is the best possible format. The Diamondbacks won, but they had to waste both Greinke and Ray on this game, which turned their rotation into a mess for the NLDS, which cost them dearly against the Dodgers. Wild card teams should be severely penalized for being wild card teams, to make winning divisions more important.

  17. High scoring game but a classic usually involves teams changing leads, Arizona never was behind so i wouldn’t classify this as a classic but I’m sure it was a fun game to watch at the park

  18. As a diamondback fan this is still very fresh in my memory

  19. Robbie Ray was important in this game but if they didn’t need him in the Wild Card, that NLDS against LA could’ve played out differently for Arizona.

  20. jeeez, this team was lowkey loaded. grienke, bradley, goldschmidt, jd, ketel marte

  21. Forgotten classic what?
    This is in 2017 not a classic

  22. If the Rockies just had any sort of pitching back up

  23. After watching the beginning of the 2021 season this game depresses the hell out of me

  24. This was the best game I've ever been to

  25. This dbacks team could’ve won the World Series if they just had more help in the bullpen

  26. Just watched this from Highlight Heaven's channel and wow, this was a game. Archie Bradley's triple was the best.

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