Modern Art Card Game Review - with Tom Vasel -

Modern Art Card Game Review – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel takes a look at an art auction game!

Intro 0:00
Overview 1:14
Final Thoughts 5:08

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  1. simplified version of modern art, the auctioning aspect is the fun factor but was taken away though

  2. I was last in a five player game (never first) and won the game by 6 points margin lol. Dont know if first player advantage is there or not.

  3. I cant be the only one that dislikes the droning intro music (or misses the component drop).

  4. Have always enjoyed Medici and Ra more than this.

  5. pretty surprised Tom doesn't like Modern Art…

  6. It seems that the cards are oversized…I'm out.

  7. Tom: I don't like this art
    Tom: gumball tie

  8. Tom, you have to do component drops again!!!

  9. Modern Art was originally released in 1992.

  10. From an "art" perspective, I prefer my Duckomenta Art version (with "classical" paintings where every character is replaced by a duck). The whole point of this game is to keep the cards that you think will become valuable later. In that aspect it is very thematic: you "invest" in art by keeping them for now in hope to sell them later for more points.
    This is a brillant design!
    But it's true that it doesn't not get played very often.

  11. A fair review… quick little card game I'd play if you wanted to. Not unpleasant.

  12. I'm seasick again. 😆 im just going to have to skip over the part where the camera pans over the game.

  13. My cat could do better art than any of that. And he died five years ago.

  14. This guy talks too much. I think I will read the instruction guide!!!!

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