More "FAILED" Trading Card Games...and the Collector's who buy them -

More “FAILED” Trading Card Games…and the Collector’s who buy them

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  1. Sad thing…the Dragon Ball Z Panini shit…

  2. Man did he nail the guess on the Pokémon boxes or what!?!?!?

  3. 2021, Roaring Skies, YOU ROCKING THEM SALES?? The market is nuts right now for ANY pokemon booster boxes. Everyone is in quarantine and have nothing better to do but collect haha

  4. Ohh man, Core Eidos, that gave me flashbacks to my youth

  5. Rudy, do you still have / sell those Dragon Ball boxes? How do I contact you?

  6. Ugh, what a failure Roaring Skies turned out to be :p

  7. here in 2021…..i recently saw one of the blue dragonball z boxes listed for $175.00 on ebay

  8. Hopefully Metazoo doesn’t end up on one of these

  9. LMFAO, the guy trying to corner the market wishes companies stopped trying to profit off of their customers. GFY

  10. Just ordered a ton of Warhammer champions, dont know if its a fail or not but i love the artwork and got it for cheap.

  11. @Alpha great call on the pokemon cards brother! hahahaha

  12. I'm a collector of the tomb raider cards would love to buy them off you????? If you have them still and want to get rid of them.

  13. Have do one of these for FAB and MetaPoo in about a year

  14. the dbz box's are more expensive than i thought they would be.

  15. panini dragon ball z game was redone about 13 times and it durned players away from the game. now that bandai bought it and made DBS they turned that into a good game with a decent secondary

  16. L5R. REALLY HURT AS CHANGED TO NEXT ARC. Example “Pearl,” & “Emperor?”
    (Making your Cards WORTHLESS)
    The CCG PLAYER TOURNY’S Shaped the Storyline of the Game.

  17. Rudy, I need your finest boxes of trading cards from <<Hercules: The Legendary Journeys>> and <<Xena: Warrior Princess>>!

  18. "Dead" card games are the best card games with few exceptions if you know what I mean

  19. Watching this video for the first time right now and see "a couple hundred boxes of Roaring Skies" planning to hold them until 2020-21. Lmao. Current market price / tcgplayer is $475 per box. Lmfao.

  20. All the pokemonstuff, 4y later🤑🤑🤑🤑

  21. You could've never convinced me that there was actually a damn Tomb Raider tcg… What the actual hell.

  22. DBZ definitely had a secondary market, with Mr. Pops's Wonder Emporium being one of the biggest TCG marketplaces I've been apart of on Facebook. I bought a lot of booster boxes as a player and never felt like I got hosed value-wise but if I'm being completely honest I never really cared that much, just wanted the game pieces. That said, the game itself and the secondary market had nothing to do with DBZ collapsing. Bandai was moving statesite with their garbage card game and Panini didn't want to compete and pulled the plug.

  23. Be$t F-ing video picked up some then this video came out and proved i was on the rite path.
    got a case of each of dragon ball of panini ($12 ea box) from DA and bought out all the ultra rare cards i can find for last 3 years.
    retirement plan B (cards) is doing better than the rest. dragon ball has turned unto 10x maybe more for me.

  24. He predicted Roaring Sky's blowing up in 2020/2021…

  25. L5R played it from the very beginning Imperial Edition shadowlands and on believe it was later sold to wizards and they started power creep in the game and then eliminating previous sets turned a lot of the very experienced players off they're worse many l5r players is Magic players back in the day and the tournaments were just as popular with both ….wants an amazing strategic game especially with large groups 5-6 players Plus. The a k staying a d political play was amazing …..
    Most of us stopped playing because the power creep and then they started eliminating previous sets from being playable in their tournament format… build different decks invite friends over introduce them and they'll be hooked… it was mental Crack trulyan amazing strategic game.

  26. Do you have any of these L5R BOXES currently for sale …
    I would like to introduce a few friends and build them a few deck options…..

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