My First Pokémon Card Tournament 😬 -

My First Pokémon Card Tournament 😬

Roger Rips
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  1. Am I the first comment Can you please pin I am a subscriber 😊

  2. I just subbed to you, you are very underrated

  3. Hey, i have a lost box too, its a budgeted one but its so fun playing as it, i wish you could play more than 4 comfeys in a deck

  4. 4th place out of how many? Is there a way you can find someone you want to play against online and play against them?

  5. I got scammed on shinyvert, I spent $150 and got $22 back

  6. You make the best mystery box in the world

  7. Dear Roger Rips, nice to see you getting into the card game. I would absolutely love to face you in a game on the online platform. Livestream if possible. One game is all i ask. USA VS CANADA.

  8. I am not very good and just made a deck out of what I had from 6 years ago

  9. Where you play at Im trying to challenge you

  10. Lost box sucks I hate playing the deck and I hate playing against it.

  11. Ah yes, the biggest thing when switching from online I’d say is deffo remembering to do the things the game usually does for u. I still forget to take prize cards when I kill a Pokémon and that’s only kind of automatic in the game 😂

  12. How can you play lost box (the hardest deck in the format) and forget to put your prize cards down?

  13. Miraidon ex is the deck I hate playing against most personally. All pokes have low retreat costs, hit hard fast and the raichu is pretty much an electric version of chien-pao. Flaffy regenerates energy quickly and miraidon gets pokes out quick + hits hard. Imo it's the most dangerous deck to fight against asides from mew vmax.

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