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My Top 10 Card Games (Of All Time)

Ali Risdal
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In this video I outline my 10 favorite card games. I attempt to include different types of card games to make it a good list to help you explore different kinds of games you may enjoy.

If you are planning on buying any of the games in this list, consider using the below links (some games in the video are not listed).



For Sale:

Sushi Go:

Skull King:


Boss Monster:

Fantasy Fluxx:

Lovecraft Letter:

The Crew:

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  1. What is your favorite card game? Let me know and I'll check it out.

  2. This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone describe Arboretum as relaxing at all, haha! I’d say it’s relaxing when you look at the box art and open and look at the card art, then you play for the first time and you are immediately stressed out!

  3. Some of my favorite card games are: Parade, Take 5 (also known under the name "6 Nimmt!"), Jaipur, Scout, Dead Man's Drew, Coloretto, No Thanks!, Cat in the Box, Mandala, Saboteur, The Great Dalmuti.

  4. The list and games are great but the acting is another level hahaha loved it

  5. I really like Monopoly Deal, even though I can't stand regular Monopoly. It's simple enough for kids, but there is a surprising amount of strategy if you really want to dig into it.
    My all time favorite card game is Dutch Blitz but I prefer playing it with standard playing cards instead of the official Dutch Blitz cards. Some people also call game Nertz.
    Another fun, simple card game is Munchkin Loot Letter.

  6. Skullking sounds like Wizards 😀 Same System, nearly same cards.

  7. Hagakuré great pick. Not sure about the rest as I haven't played those yet. Sushi Go! Is on my to play list. Keep up the informative posts!

  8. I learned Arboretum just a few weeks ago and was immediately obsessed! Also, while watching your video, I found the artwork on both Fairy Tale and Lovecraft Letter to be quite striking.

  9. Hanabi does the same thing as Diver City where you can't see your own hand and you have to rely on memory of clues given by other players to figure out when to play them.

  10. I just played The Crew for the first time last night! I used to play a lot of spades and The Crew is a delightful trick taking game with a cooperative twist (also my favorite type of game). It’s not cooperative but have you played Coup? It’s my favorite ice breaker game to play while we are waiting for everyone to arrive to game night. Easy to learn and quick rounds and you get to lie to your friends!

  11. Also, congratulations on 2500 subscribers!

  12. Thanks for the video, Lovecraft Letter looks great! My favorite card game at the moment is Fox in the Forest.

  13. I've never heard of Divercity…I'll have to look into it! And For Sale and Sushi Go are definitely up there for me (we have the Sushi Go Party version which I feel is even better). Especially For Sale is one we've played probably literally hundreds of times over the years 🙂

    One I didn't see listed was Linko!, which is a German trick-taking game. I don't know what it is about it, but it's got some serious strategy and is lots of fun!

  14. My Top 10 (non-deckbuilders)

    01 Ohanami
    02 Fox in the Forest
    03 Tides of Madness
    04 7 Wonder Duel
    05 Fantasy Realms
    06 Jump Drive
    07 Jaipur
    08 Clash of the Lightsabers
    09 No Thanks!
    10 Race for the Galaxy

  15. Great video Ali! Most of these I’ve never heard of. Lovecraft Letter sounds like a perfect game for me. I have Doctor Who Fluxx, and Cthulhu Fluxx, but I think I’m collecting these and should probably get Fantasy Fluxx. 😂

  16. Can Dobble (Spot it!) be considered a card game? If so, then that's my favorite to play with a large group. And timeline is also one of my favs, mainly because of the theme

  17. yay Fluxx! Have you ever tried Gloom or Bohnanza? Gloom I'm pretty sure you'd love the aesthetic, art, horror/'gothic' theme, and quirkiness (they even now have a Cthulhu Gloom!). And Bohnanza is just a great fun game that can be cut throat or cooperative or both all in the same game. Plus the art is cute (and you're planting and growing beans! The name is a pun in German)

    Thanks for this and all the other awesome videos!!

  18. I was commenting on your top10 boardgame video, but i think here it's fitting batter.
    Have you ever played Thunderstone ?
    It's basicly my favorite (card/board)-game. I think you'd love It.
    It has some similarities with Dominion but the dungeon adds a nice kick.
    It's out of print, but still easy to find (at least 2nd hand)..

    Further i can reccomand: citadel (the dark city). 🙂

  19. As mentioned Bohnanza is a great one, Biblios is another fave but my number 1 would be High Society because whoever has done the best at the end is eliminated from the game which is a genius mechanic, there's a bit of hidden information for a tense conclusion so to win you want to do well… but not that well!

  20. Fluxx is a fabulous game! We have lots of laughs and fun playing it.

  21. Love whenever you create board game content! You sure have a lot of games

  22. can you do top ten deck building games please?

  23. Must haves…
    • Lost Cities Card Game – with 6th Expedition – best two player card game.
    • Bohnanza – best 3+ player card game. My adult niece adores this game.
    • Discount Salmon – real-time competitive game that is a crowd please.

    Worth considering…
    • No Thanks!
    • Battle Line – this is a re-theming of "Schotten Totten" with a minor change (improvement?)
    • Five Minute Dungeon/Marvel – the kids love this game since it's cooperative and real-time
    • Plague & Pestilence – Not sure you can get this game but it has beautiful artwork and a great filler.

  24. I would recommend Fairy Tale. NIce artwork, cheap, easy to play, you can play 3-4 games in a row. Very good filler.

  25. #2 – Who wants to get kiked out, like Monopoly} and sit around doing nothing more than drink more wine and eat more popcorn?} m

  26. You're pretty, I love card games also.

  27. I love trick taking games and love sabotaging my opponents so The Crew would never be my game.
    Skull King is!

    and The Crew Deck have a very poor aesthetics.

  28. Great video! We absolutely love the crew! And will look into some of the options that you've explained. Ty 😊

  29. Bang. Llama. Taco gato queijo pizza. Quem foi

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