MY TOP 5 "Go To" Card Games (a.k.a. Filler Card Games) -

MY TOP 5 “Go To” Card Games (a.k.a. Filler Card Games)

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I love a good card game that doesn’t take too long to play. And these 5 “go to” card games are perfect to fill any time you have either at the beginning of game night, in between games, or at the end of the night to cool down.

I also include my runners up to give you even a couple more games that just missed my list. Stay around for my number one, though, at the end!

0:00 – Intro
1:06 – #5
3:56 – #4
7:02 – #3
9:32 – #2
13:08 – Runners Up
16:13 – #1
19:08 – Outro

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  1. How many people do you think prefer Cooperative games v competitive games?

  2. Ohanami and The Crew are also high in my list. Schotten Totten, Hanamikoji, Biblios, Skull King, Love Letter (any).Just bought TEN and can't wait to try it, by the same team as Point Salad.

  3. I’m with you in liking all your selections. So hard to narrow such a list down to five!

  4. Ohanami and Point Salad are big hits with our friends and family! I personally love Sprawlopolis as a solo game, such a fun puzzle!

  5. Great list and suggestions. Skull King by Grandpa Beck's Games is another fantastic trick taking game. Other excellent "go to" card games that I'd recommend are Hanamikoji, Fantasy Realms, Cover Your Assets, The Mind, and For Sale.

  6. My current favourite is The Bottle Imp, although I just got Ghosts of Christmas yesterday, and I've a funny feeling it's gonna be a serious contender for the No1 spot.

    Another game I like, is an oldie by Waddingtons called Odds On. Although it doesn't get much love in the gaming community, I've always enjoyed it since I found an old copy at a car boot sale.

    Your selections are really excellent, I'm particularly interested in No Thanks, indeed I could easily seeing myself buying that one, and Coloretto. Have you ever seen a YT channel called Tyler's Trick Taking Channel? It's a really great channel which features some fantastic games, a lot of them from Japan. I'd love to get my hands on a few of them, but I never seem able to find them. 😞

    A great video, I really enjoyed that!

  7. Love your reviews….ok…so awkward question….your fans want to know if you are single 😬

  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Great video too! Picks on my top 5 in no particular order. Star Realms, Fantasy Realms (no relation to Star Realms btw), Mystic Market, Lost Cites and Splendor. Ooooohh.. and the all time best is Magic the Gathering!

  9. Coloretto, Ohanami and Parade are my favourite card filler games. Looking forward to getting Subastral.

  10. matryoshka is simple and good. My favorite right now is Marshmallow test. I just command sushi go party now again available in France. I love point salad too.

  11. Absolute coincidence, but I just grabbed a sealed copy of THE CREW at my local Goodwill for $7.99. Going to have to see if I can get it to the table!

  12. A great eight list, indeed! Thanks 😊

  13. I would love to play some games with you

  14. Could you adapt any of these to regular decks of cards?

    Have you do rules explainers on these?

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