NEW Bloons Game ANNOUNCEMENT! | BTD 6 Update NEWS! -

NEW Bloons Game ANNOUNCEMENT! | BTD 6 Update NEWS!

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Today we’re looking at the Bloons Card Storm announcement! Recently Ninja Kiwi announced their newest game! BCS which is a card game based in the bloons universe. This card game is coming out in 2024 and I can’t wait to play it! Ninja Kiwi also announced a new Bloons TD 6 update which is amazing! If you want to see more news about BTD 6 and Bloons Card Storm let me know down below!
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  1. with them adding paragons to sandbox, i hope they also add bosses to sandbox (fighting and beating a boss on normal/elite allows you to send it in sandbox, similar to how other sandbox bloon unlocks work)

  2. They should make a btd6 card game like Pokemon cards like if you agree

  3. I think this btd6 update is going to be the best in btd6 history

  4. Wait i think he forgot to shave 😅😅😅😅(or has he a beard and mustache in other videos??)

  5. This is just btd battles cards but better

  6. The changes to the paragon to be able to get whatever degree you want by spending money instead. They have to update geraldos paragon totems cause they are gonna be rendered useless now that you won't need them anymore to get a high degree paragon. Any ideas on what they can change them to do or what they can exchange them to another item be?

  7. Tewtie is starting to look like dantdm or mrbeast

  8. The pvz heroes literally got me dying laughing

  9. I know that everybody is talking about the new card game, but THIS UPDATE IS INSANE, LIKE WHEN DID NINJA KIWI LOVE US SO MUCH?

  10. That paragon revamp is actually INSANE, creating a good paragon tower would be soo much easier, like A LOT. but what happen to the tier 100 paragon making geraldo then?
    This is just my opinion, i actually like the more grindy way of getting a higher tier paragon tower, it just feels more rewarding for me…

  11. 🇮 🇱 🇮 🇰 🇪 🇾 🇴 🇺 🇷 🇻 🇮 🇩 🇪 🇴 🇸

  12. I think you mean 2 new games one coming on this December 19

  13. The last line has to be fake.There’s no way

  14. The update is not even out kid why should we be nice when you said it's at 5:31 am people even woke up at that time

  15. why does it say that a paragon update will happen at like 5 31??

  16. Is console getting a updated version anytime soon??

  17. Dude the update for the game hasn't came out

  18. Heraldo will nead a buff after this. He is all around solid, but i find myself never realy using him exapt when i want to play singel player late game. He is just to mid for mi personaly. And this would ruen his only use for mi.
    Dose any one els have comserns about his use or is it a me problem?

  19. Finally my favourite mode from btd battles gets a game let's gooo

  20. me: i just want an announcement
    also me: frick this its on mobile im gonna play beta if beta is available on mobile❤

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