New card game character hint -

New card game character hint

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  1. Perceus the mirroring shield and the curvature of the blade

  2. Perceus!, he has I shiny mirror like shield with the medusa on it, and a harpe sword 😁

  3. It's Perseus, the medusa in the shield is pretty much a dead giveaway

  4. Perseus due to the shield reflecting medusa.

  5. Perceus medusa reflection gives it away

  6. Maybe Perseus? Or any other Greek hero.

  7. If zeus and other gods are canonically assassins in assassin's creed now then does that make kratos a templar or what would it make him? Just a question (Note I didn't play all the games so if that is already in the lore then 🤷‍♂️)

  8. My dumb self though it was Jason from heroes of Olympus books until I saw Medusa on the shield, Perseus

  9. Can you make shorts about christian mythology?

  10. Perceus because of the medusa reflection in the shield. Also this one was easier than the others

  11. Perseus one of the only true greek heros that has a happy ending

  12. Percues not sure if I spelled it the sheild has Medusa on it

  13. Perseus. But the golden color of the armor has me thinking Chrysaor at first.

  14. It isn’t obvious at first because all heroes look generally the same but the mirror shield with angry Medusa gave it away

  15. Perseus or Athena both of them have medusa on the shield

  16. It'ss Perseus and Medusa Shield gives it away

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