New card game character hint -

New card game character hint

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  1. For some reason I wanna say Cú Cullain but he had a spear….

  2. Odin. I'm definitely feeling the Allfather with this one.

  3. I know it's not, but it's just giving me "Conan the Barbarian" vibes

  4. A lot of people are saying"Odin", but I don't ever remember Odin using an axe, just a spear.

  5. This gives me more Celtic vibes than Norse. Maybe the Irish God Neit or the Welsh Hero Pwyll the Prince of Dyved.

  6. My first intention was Odin but the axe irritates me. Maybe it´s some dwarf king I don´t know the name of.

  7. I wanna say Odin, but there is an axe and not gungnir

  8. Ok, so here’s what we have to work with. It’s a he, he’s sitting on a stone throne. He’s wearing fur. And his weapon of choice is a gold axe.

    I’m going to say the Slavic God Perun

  9. Forseti known as the presiding one and the god of Justice and reconciliation

  10. I don't think its odin bcz of the axe the stone throne and the jade bracelet i think he s probably a Aztec god

  11. At first I thought tyr but then I realised his right hand was not cut off so I'm thinking forseti

  12. This looks like a Norse figure and judging from the axe my guess is Forseti from Norse Mythology, the god of Justice, fairness, peace, and reconciliation. It’s said that he is in Asgard and he lives in a hall of silver and gold called Glitnir. And is the son of Baldur (god of light) and Nanna (Baldurs wife)

  13. Captain America 100%. Give me something hard next time. K thanks

  14. Forseti, the god of justice who’s also the son of Baldur

  15. Alright I am guessing Norse mostly. There's alot of Norse people who used an Axe though. Maybe Ullr or Heimdallr. It they weren't already made that is.

  16. that's forseti! he's a norse god of justice who carries a mighty golden axe

  17. Looks norse
    ( i love norse mythology)
    But the only norse gods i k ow are odin, thor, and loki, but hes a giant.

  18. This makes me think of the Slavic god Perun

  19. I have no clue on any names I just watch marvel L

  20. Forseti from Nordic mythology. The patterns on the throne and the golden axe would point to him, at least.

  21. It’s Forsti son of balder god of justice he’s such a minor god he isn’t even in Ragnarok

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