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*NEW* Season 3 Spoons Card Game in Fortnite

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We play a new Spoons Card Game for our Loot in Fortnite: Battle Royale
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• Video Editor ► Russell

• Thumbnail Maker ► Flash

• Animator ► David

​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun
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  1. I have a new combo!!!!!! Three flint knock pistols balloons and a boom sniper rifle

  2. Ssundee I have a new game idea(sniper rifles what do you do is all start with a heavy sniper and go to the desert and hide 5 different llamas and everybody has to shoot 4 different loot llama every lama counts as 20 points and you have to do 3 rounds and who ever shoots 3 loot llamas first wins 60 points and everybody have to stop and how loot llamas they shoot they have to count the points they have

    Rule1 you can not kill people if they are healing or picking there stuff
    Rule 2 everybody has 3 lives
    Rule 3 you can only pick there stuff if they are out of lives

    For legendary long range 70 points
    For legendary medim range 65 points
    For legendary short range 75 points
    For legendary consumables 60 points

    For purple long range 65 points
    For purple medim range 60 points
    For purple short range 70 points
    For purple consumables 55 points

    For blue long range 65 points
    For blue medim range 55 points
    For blue short range 65 points
    For blue consumables 50 points

    For green long range 45 points
    For green medim range 40 points
    For green short range 40 points
    For green consumables 35 points

    For gray medim range 30 points
    For gray short range 20 points
    For gray consumables 15 points

  3. yeah i definetly want u to play more fortnite

  4. i just found an combo (i dont play fn anymore but yh) boombow 115 dmg direct hit, proximety grenade launcher 75 dmg 115 + 75 is 190 and then use the stink bomb

  5. Hey Ssudde I really hope you stay on fortnite I can watch these for hours

  6. Wait did ssundee delete his Fortnite account he seems to be level 1 at the top left

  7. The like button did turn blue also spam foot foot foot foot foot foot foot

  8. nice job just asking can we do more storage wars and nice content

  9. The like button dosent turn blue it turns black

  10. I want you to do a combo ples you need is the snow man which canverts u into a snow man then clinger them then hit them with the rocket 🚀 lunchcher or any 💣

  11. I love that he makes combos because I sometimes use his combos to kill somebody

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